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As Business Sight looks to highlight the Best Performing Companies to Invest in 2020, ISU Corp has been selected as one of these featured companies. Experience, client centricity and efficient development processes are what ISU Corp pride themselves in. Their work is helping successful companies to exponentially grow their net profits with brilliant custom software solutions. As you look to invest in outstanding companies look no further than ISU Corp, the ultimate solution provider.

Investing your resources into a new business can be incredibly daunting. You need to consider their experience, whether what they are offering is valuable and if they can successfully achieve what they say. With ISU Corp, they make checking off all these boxes very simple.

History of Excellence

Founded back in 2005 by award-winning CEO Mr. David Mansilla, ISU Corp has since grown to become a world-class custom software solutions company. Under his brilliant leadership, the firm has grown from a budding tech start-up to become a crucial partner for a wide range of companies in need of custom software solutions. ISU Corp works with companies of any size such as multinational companies including General Electric Energy, and successful start-ups like Ignite Insurance. Helping companies usher in a new era of digital success is what ISU Corp strives for.

Your Guides

ISU Corp is creating this growth with the abilities of their team of forty senior consultants, including systems architects, project managers, software developers, quality assurance/ business analysts, graphic designers, and supporting administrative staff. Their dedication brings a wealth of experience and speed to any project. In addition to their amazing team they also have access to a large technology business network of specialists. Clients can rest assured that, with this business model, ISU Corp will always bring in the best people for the job, finishing on time with results that exceed any expectation.

Raising the Benchmark

At ISU Corp the main focus has always been and will remain on the clients. Every single staff member goes the extra mile in ensuring client satisfaction, with the award winning ISU agile business process. With ISU Corp’s highly optimized ISU agile business process, it  requires the firm to meet weekly to review the client’s goals and expectations. This better allows ISU Corp to deliver projects 25% faster.

ISU Corp is constantly building amazing applications for their company that are now available for other companies to use for creating success. Platforms like HubLinked, ISU Core, their latest B2B and B2C e-commerce and services like Business Intelligence Reviews, are covering all the basis a company needs to improve and grow.


Corporate Culture is the ultimate competitive advantage of any organization. With Hublinked, it provides its users with the ability to learn, and rapidly translate that learning into action. ISU Corp’s corporate culture is based on honesty, trust, integrity, and respect; but also on our passion for inspiration and motivation. Hublinked is about sharing that passion. It's about inspiration, motivation, and the means to personal growth. Hublinked allows companies to improve their work culture and their productivity whether they work locally or remotely.

ISU Core

Ensuring your application is built on a solid foundation can be the make or break of your company. ISU Core is the ultimate custom application foundation because it is built on a highly secured and scalable enterprise architecture saving companies time and money. The amazing part is that building a fully custom system is possible within weeks, saving companies up to 40% of the typical costs. ISU Core allows you to focus on your actual business needs from day one.

The award winning ISU Core has been seen on platforms such as CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Business Intelligence Review

If you have hit a plato in your company, you are not growing but you aren’t failing either, you need a Business Intelligence Review. ISU Corp offers this assessment to focus on how their clients utilize software technology within their business. Business Intelligence/ Application Intelligence gives clients a road-map on what they need to implement to keep and grow their business. Based on the Core, ISU  is about to launch a financial scorecard software that will provide businesses the direction they need to ensure profits and success.

B2B and B2C E-commerce

E-commerce has been gaining traction for years and now we are finally in a global situation where online marketplaces are becoming the new normal. ISU Corp is offering their own custom application for integrating e commerce into your business growth strategy. With their years of expertise and industry leading solutions you’ll be able to run your e-commerce without hesitation or stress. Our ISU e commerce platforms are also based on the Core and are fully customisable to fit any business workflow.

A Quintessential Partner

Ultimately, every project at ISU Corp benefits from the firm’s desire to create a win-win environment, where partnership, honesty, and professionalism mandate every task completed. The rapid advancement of technology is something that more companies will have to pay attention to. Technology is not going anywhere and is swiftly becoming an important part of people’s lives. For businesses and companies who want to be at the top of their industry, adapting and integrating this technology is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. ISU Corp, with its exceptional services and breadth of professional skill, is the perfect partner for any company looking to maximize their growth and business profits.

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Company: ISU Corp

Contact: Cassie Zurbrigg

Website: www.isucorp.ca


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