Connie Linder (Founder & CEO, Intengine) – Top Visionary Companies to Watch in 2020 – Beyond the Bounds of COVID19

Help us understand your background in detail.

Connie Linder is an entrepreneur and business strategist with a focus on the implementation of innovation and compassion in the workplace. She is advocate for business that aligns with our values and believes that how we work and how we shop can have transformative effects on ourselves and our world.  Intengine has been recognized as the world’s best eco business platform in both 2019 and 2020.

For her work, Connie has received numerous awards, including:

  1. Several awards from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council,
  2. the Tech Green Award (individual) from the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC,
  3. the Women of Worth Sustainable Living Award,
  4. a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal,
  5. the Minerva Leadership Award,
  6. the BC Innovation Council’s New Ventures Award and
  7. named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women as a Trailblazer/Trendsetter.
  8. RBC “Top New Supplier Award” as co-founder of Churchill Armoured Car

What are the services/solutions or products offered by your company and if you could tell us something about your upcoming products or services?

We have the world’s most comprehensive and relevant database of responsible businesses for good and the largest database in the world of social and environmental accreditation organizations.

Intengine’s Directory Listings include all industry sectors and business listing types can be filtered for local application with a global reach. Acting also as an aggregator of in-depth knowledge, our site is constantly expanding to deliver meaningful, multi-sourced information to our users, empowering them to educate themselves and make real changes by providing them with all they need in one place.

We currently offer

  1. Business listings with a highlight on their SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  2. Accreditation Listings
  3. Advertising, and Sponsored Listings
  4. Articles, news releases and featured information pieces

?We will soon offer

  1. A Product marketplace
  2. Business tools for benchmarking and analytics

To know more about your culture and vision?

We are more than a database, we are instigating a How -to movement. Solving, or even mitigating, the complex social and environmental issues we now face requires the cooperation of all sectors, stakeholders, and administrative bodies. Intengine’s platform provides an arena for constructive conversations and feedback between the informed and the seeking, all of whom are working towards a transformed marketplace.

This vision follows directly to our dedicated team.

Our Intengine team is comprised of people that are very gifted intellectually, and they're also really good people. We discuss our work in a way where everyone can voice their true feelings. In the end, Founder, Connie Linder, sometimes must make difficult decisions among many ideas.

What does the company’s hierarchy resemble?

Leadership and direction is founded in the vision and strength of our Founder, supported by a dedicated team with diverse skills in the areas of technical development/programming, marketing and sustainability.  Our platform offers insights from Industry leaders in every sector who share their knowledge about how to live a more sustainable life, and the challenges with solutions to help us do so.

What are the strategies of your company and how they stand unique from your competitors?

Businesses, investors and individual consumers must be more informed than ever before, but research shows that there is an increasing gap between their knowledge and the demand to understand complex issues. 81% of consumers would like to see more options available that protect the environment, but have difficulty identifying which products to buy.

This is why we exist. There is an unfulfilled niche in the market, and we offer the most wide-spread, comprehensive solution available to meet the needs of consumers and businesses who want to do better.

What are the key values which helped you to overcome the roadblocks/challenges in your career as a CEO?

Connie faces everything with a strong vision and the resilience to keep going despite challenges.  Connie is an avid reader and challenges herself to keep learning and be open, while staying grounded with strong personal values.

Connie often surrounds herself with people to fill the areas where she lacks in skills or insight. It keeps the vision big, meaningful and possible.

In 2020, business leadership has endured additional challenges, with the global lockdown.  Connie advises business leaders not to fall into the trap of reacting to the voices of the lowest common denominator in our society.  Rather, leaders must be discerning and protect freedom and democracy.  Show how your business aligns with the values of your stakeholders and stay the course.

Please explain the journey of the organization from the beginning till now. 

Founder Connie Linder was a Stock Broker and did not like how social and environmental factors were not (at that time) brought into the investment decisions. For example, investments were made based on economic factors while the true costs of resources did not factor in the discussion (for example, the costs on the environment or the costs for not taking care of people were not factors the investment community looked at when deciding to invest or not).

She decided to move to the business of building companies and worked for ten years as a consultant to emerging new environmental technologies and was encouraged by the types of solutions that were becoming available, although the general public was not aware. The tone of the environmental movement ten and twenty years ago was (for the most part) anti-business and most of the business community saw the environmental movement as “flaky” or full of impractical ideologies.

With Connie’s strong corporate and business background and focused intention for healthier ways of doing business, Connie became a bridge and leader in the sustainability movement in Canada. She knew there was a need for an efficient, pro-business and pro solutions platform that allowed people to make healthier informed decisions and she recognized that the changes needed to be made within the marketplace. That’s when the original platform, GreenPages Directory was born. The website has undergone several iterations, with the most recent launched in February 2018. The Company is growing quickly, attracting business listings from all over the world from every business sector.

Now, more than ever, we must support SMEs and our local service providers.  The increasing trend of marketplace dominance from a few global giants is not healthy for our economy or the well being of its population.  Especially when some of these “giants” have been censoring information.  Business leaders need to transcend politics and keep true to the values that protect democracy so we can nurture creativity, freedom and innovation to help solve some of the greatest challenges.

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