Prashant Pansare (Founder & Global CEO, Inteliment Technologies) – Top Visionary Companies to Watch in 2020 – Beyond the Bounds of COVID19

Scaling Data with Analytics & BI to Enable Companies to enhance Customer Experience

Technology is evolving at a tremendous pace. Technology trends are changing drastically in recent years such as social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud computing. The data is the driving force behind the unprecedented growth. Customers can now make more informed decisions as they get access to information and analytics. There is a paradigm shift in the market as advanced technologies enable organizations to search, analyze, and share heaps of data.

Harnessing the power of advanced technology such as Data science, predictive analytics, IoT, AI, ML, etc., Inteliment Technologies is paving the way. The company helps various firms across the spectrum of industries in deriving business impact through data. The firm has an exclusive focus on providing innovative, customer-centric solutions. Inteliment has a sound understanding of all the latest technology and hence, it employs the power of advanced technology in creating unique solutions.

Inteliment Technologies is the leading company in the analytics niche. It was bestowed with an award – the Analytics Solution Innovation Partner of the Year 2017, by SAP India.

Inteliment Technologies, with its core competency in BI technology, offers its strategic industry analytics solutions and services to its global Fortune 500 clients, through an analytical perspective of their data and by partnering with leading global technology vendors.

Proffering Innovative Solutions across the Globe

Based in Pune, India, Inteliment Technologies is an innovative company that effectively syndicates the ‘Data Science & Art’ into a Multi-Disciplinary Analytics to deliver Insight, Integrity & Impact. Inteliment has been on the path of synchronized value co-creation and innovations for some of the most powerful and impact-making companies in the world.

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Prashant Pansare – global CEO of Inteliment Technologies, Inteliment is a leading provider of Advanced Analytic solutions that helps enterprises in unlocking the power of the enterprise data coming from diverse sources using BI & Analytics and allows them to make data-driven business decisions based on strong insights.

Inteliment’s engagement approach involves working collaboratively with clients to develop critical business-parameters-driven and strategic BI solutions, meeting real-world and practical business needs. The company is harnessing this market by providing niche BI solutions and services. It helps the companies to improve their data-driven strategies and decision-making efficiency through innovation, advanced technologies, and partnerships.

The company is strongly focused on the Indian market and selected overseas markets in APAC & US regions.

An Insignia of Excellence

The company began with an idea which later transformed into its vision: To be the catalysts of an Experience Economy, where the pace of learning is greater than the rate of change. Inspired with this idea, Inteliment effectively syndicates the ‘Data Science & Art’ to deliver Insights, Integrity, and Impact.

“Inteliment is built around a unique culture of people inclusiveness. Inteliment’s associates are a part of the happenings and events at Inteliment and are actively involved in a way that they can share their ideas and beliefs openly and thus participate in their way in the growth of the company. Also, talent acquisition at Inteliment emphasizes on integrity, ethics, and core values of a person along with their domain capability as Inteliment management believes that the differentiating factor helps associates to stand out with fortitude,” asserts Mr. Prashant.

The Driving Force Behind Unparalleled Success

The global CEO of Inteliment is an innovator at heart and an entrepreneur by profession. With a passion for doing something innovative and ground-breaking, he bootstrapped Inteliment in 2004. Since its inception, Mr. Prashant has provided his Visionary Leadership to help the company achieve extraordinary results in the areas of Business Transformation, Product Development & Rollout, Growth Management & Business Development.

Under his leadership, Inteliment Group has grown to a globally respected company in Big Data and Analytics space. Today, the company operates through its subsidiaries in Australia, Singapore, and Europe and provides innovative solutions to 100’s of fortune companies.

Recognized as ‘CEO of a Fast-Growing Company’ by Deloitte, Mr. Prashant has been part of NITI Aayog’s various initiatives and think-tank. He is a part of Maharashtra’s Chief Minister’s Digital Transformation Council and is on NASSCOM’s National Product Council, a Mentor for Atal Mission 2020 Program. A former Chairman of the Indo-American Chambers, he was also invited on the Global Partner Analytics Advisory Council by SAP Labs, USA.

New Horizons

“During COVID times, we were quick to respond and move our operations completely virtual in a week. We had that technology readiness for business continuity planning. So it was not a major setback or a risk for us,” asserts Mr. Prashant.

With the company performing exceptionally good in the pandemic, it is aiming to be among the top 10 data science product companies in the world. To ensure it achieves the goal, the firm has invested in Inteli-Labs.