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A Compressive Risk Management Organization Exclusively for Medical Fraternity

The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus put a tremendous emphasis on the healthcare sector. The dramatic increase in healthcare safety is the direct result of such outbreaks. The situation is tense and people need more than relying on doctors for their safety. In such times, institutions like Apex Insurance Consultants have actively engaged in bridging the major gap and providing required safety.

Apex is India’s first and only risk management company for the medical fraternity. From recordkeeping reliability to stepwise advice of any crisis to the handling of any emergency, Apex manages everything professionally. It is so that medical professionals can concentrate on the patients’ well-being as well as spend more time growing happily. The organization’s expertise and service guarantee medical practitioners to build a more patient-friendly approach.

An Innovative Company

Founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Sanjay Mishra – Founder & Managing Director, and by Mr. Vijay Arora – Founder & CEO, with a shoestring budget but with an innovative idea. Today, it is one of the leading Risk Management companies for doctors and hospitals not only in India but also in the world.

Apex is a one-stop destination thanks to its innovation attitude, for any crisis or problem. From instant advice, emergency handling, difficult situations, to a Police complaint, Civil or criminal cases, or even providing compensation, the company is doing everything for doctors and hospitals. With reasonable pricing, the company opens the door for an established one to a beginner in the medical profession. Apex has mastered the art of offering everything under one roof with affordable pricing.

“Innovation is basically the art of making the lives of medical professionals comfortable and a science to tackle any complexities of their personal & professional lives very easily and accurately. Insurance companies provide insurance, agents or brokers sell insurance, lawyers fight a case, liaison guys do the liaison, but there isn't any platform like APEX which is master of everything. We are responsible to bring priceless confidence and smile on the faces of our 1 million members across the nation,” asserts Mr. Sanjay.

Out of the Box Approach

Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Vijay understood the wide communication gap that existed between the doctors and the patients. India has the poorest ratio of Doctors in comparison to the patients. It is mandatory and important to have a good relationship between doctors/hospitals and patients. A safe doctor will treat a patient more effectively and confidently.

After having a sound understanding of the facts, the duo began the operation and today, Apex has its presence all over the globe. “We are the most powerful and dedicated team with a mission to give its members the best of all the services. Our courageous mission to put the lesser privileged people on the road to success is adding new jobs and revenues to local and national economies. Our trained forces are completely focussed and are solution-oriented. The leaders of Apex are responsible for building the strongest platform for Risk management for the medical world,” states Mr. Sanjay.

Stalwart Leadership

Since the inception, Mr. Sanjay is carrying out a revolution in India and has been a success in addressing more than 20 thousand crises in medical fraternity across the nation. Under his leadership, Apex has brought several useful attributes beyond just its responsibly for legal issues.

“A proper and expert risk management defense resolves the crisis from becoming bigger and dangerous. And we have proven this time and again. We are recognized as a FORCE for Doctor’s security and Growth. Our role as a Risk Manager is not only to provide a time-bound solution of medical professionals crisis but to also take care of the fact that during and after the crisis their message is heard and understood,” proclaims Mr. Sanjay.

Future Landscape

Apex is hovering around only one concept: providing legal assistance in professional and personal problems. The company has set a goal in insuring and serving the doctors for their needs. With its new survey, the firm is looking forward to combining other general insurance products and hence, expand its umbrella protection to almost everyone and hence, expand its footprint into all segments.

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