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The Marketing Wizard Aiding Organizations Skyrocket their Business with Ideas that Click

The new policies have enabled several organizations to flourish today as there is a push to become self-reliant. To achieve the goal, there are numerous schemes such as ‘Make in India’. With people taking advantage of the policies, presence and awareness about the brand has become more vital than ever. In today’s competitive world, businesses require extraordinary marketing solutions.

MRE Services is among the leading marketing firms in the country with a pristine approach towards marketing solutions. It is the agency that does not run after sales, but hooks it! Dubbed as the marketing wizard, it creates 10x campaigns that connect with its clients and hence, delivers unparalleled results – be it sales or engagement.

MRE Services has mastered the art of writing, designing, marketing, and web development. The firm is a one-stop destination for all marketing needs. Backed by decades of industry experience, it offers result-oriented marketing solutions with a proven track record across the spectrum of industries.

Never settle for anything less than the best, the organization has a sound understanding of the latest market trends, and therefore, it uses a right and novel approach, propelling any business to new heights.

Astounding Journey

Since the technology has changed the scenario drastically, giants and large organizations are migrating towards the latest technology without any hassle. When it comes to Small and Medium-sized firms, the situation is quite different. Small and Medium companies are still struggling in making themselves heard in all the noise.

Mr. Rishav Raj – Founder & CEO of MRE Services India, saw a huge potential in making these Small and Medium firms heard. The idea developed into MRE Services and in 2018, the agency saw the light of the day.

With only 8 members, MRE Services began its journey. Working on two projects – one of lead generation for a US-based Real Estate Company and another of content creation, the company quickly grew its presence. By the end of the year, MRE Services had 14 employees and also had several projects at hand. Down the line, the firm continued its upscaling, expanding its offices and recruiting more than 30 members by July 2019. It has reached to a strength of 38 till August 2020.

The company’s exceptional lead generation is the driving force behind its exponential growth. By 2019, it was one of the major lead generation players in the real estate niche within USA.

An Insignia of Excellence

“Technology has transformed advertising. Internet & Social media have changed the way brands communicate with their customers. Brands are shaping cultural revolutions. Earlier the only goal of advertising was sales. What matters the most now is how your creativity can positively hijack a socio-political or cultural moment while transforming society for the better. Adding value to your audience is the new advertising,” asserts Mr. Rishav.

MRE Services employs Transparency, Free Consultation, and Unique Marketing Partnership to retain an edge over its competitors. With absolute transparency, it ensures in setting realistic expectations with clients instead of selling an overpriced dream. Hence, it can deliver what it promised in real-time. This unique way of setting realistic expectations awards it with repeated business from several previous clients.

Many businesses are apprehensive about trying social or digital marketing. MRE Services understands this perfectly and hence, it offers its social media marketing strategy at zero cost. This exclusive approach brings the clients back to the company for further services as the clients witness MRE’s strategy working wonders for them.

MRE Services is committed to making businesses stand apart from their competitors. Creating a win-win situation takes priority than profits and therefore, if it sees potential in a business, it covers all the marketing expenses against a small percentage of future sales.

Stellar Entrepreneur

Mr. Rishav was a successful entrepreneur even before starting MRE Services. He had built assets via domain trading and was living a fulfilling life. He used to provide his marketing services to selected clients, and was happy doing so.

Over the next years, he saw many advertising agencies rip off users by charging high sums of money and creating low performing campaigns. Research indicates that around 70% of advertising companies offering digital marketing are not at all skilled and burning a hole in their client's budget.

This vacuum prompted him to open up a digital marketing company to assist corporates, startups and provide them with a cost-efficient account. He has a team of excellent marketers and is offering world-class service at throwaway prices.

Dynamic Leadership

Mr. Rishav has created a work culture where the firm practices open-door policy. Whether it is a professional or personal issue, he keeps his door open. He encourages each employee to speak about his/her plans and goals. Not only he keeps his employees in top form, he believes Fun and Games boost positivity which leads to creativity and out of the box thinking. By blending fun & games, he maintains an upbeat work atmosphere.

This approach towards work makes MRE Services in achieving unparalleled results. The high-octane work environment drives the employees to deliver their best.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has left India is an employment crisis, Mr. Rishav is transforming the crisis into an opportunity for the talent that wants to prove its worth. He will be offering a chance to numerous young talents while balancing the team with seasoned experts.

New Horizons

“In the next two years, our focus is expansion both in terms of resources and clientele. We have already finalized the business development strategy for Q4. We will be aggressively reaching out to new businesses. There are plenty of new opportunities due to the COVID-19 crisis. Companies have realized the importance of digital presence and will be more inclined to integrate online marketing solutions. As our clientele grows, we will also add more people to our team,” states Mr. Rishav.

Honed with new talent and resources, MRE Services is providing disruptive digital marketing solutions to its clients. MRE Services is also aiming to become one of the best places to work for as an organization.

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