Jim Chichanski (Founder & CEO, Flex HR) – Business Sight’s Visionary Leaders at Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020

Offering Full-service HR Consulting, Outsourcing, & Recruiting Solutions

With a growing number of organizations, the size of firms is also growing constantly. Now there is more workforce than ever before. Businesses require seamless management of several teams. As these teams are responsible for the organization’s growth, they need to be effective, efficient and performing in top condition. It is exactly here HR consulting firms can help various organizations in managing their taskforce without any hassle.

Flex HR is one of the leading HR agencies that are leveraging businesses. They have a sound understanding of human resources policies and procedures, and hence, the company has hundreds of clients in its portfolio. Using their expertise in the niche, Flex HR offers consulting services whenever needed or act as a part-timer or interim human resource leader.

Flex HR navigates critical business issues such as employee and executive compensation, organization design, mergers and acquisitions, lean operating initiatives, talent acquisition, and policy development to name a few. They manage all vital aspects of human resources without leasing clients’ employees or entering into co-employment.

The firm is a one-stop destination for all HR requirements. They proffer customized plans for each client, enabling clients to choose many or few services based on their unique needs.

Shaping the Human Resources Experience

The founding concept of Flex HR is to take the human resources burden that so many small, mid, and large-sized business owners and managers feel regularly and turn that into a feeling of confidence knowing that their HR is being properly handled and thriving under expert guidance.

Flex HR is located in the Atlanta, GA metro area of Johns Creek and is a full-service Human Resources firm, supporting any HR management functions in all fifty states. HR is imperative for any size business, as it’s critical to manage, protect, and grow the assets of companies. Human Resources – the most valuable assets of all – need the same attention, but many companies lack the knowledge and experience to handle them properly.

“Flex HR turns these challenges into opportunities with flexible, affordable support for any or all your HR outsourcing functions to help alleviate these potentially costly HR consequences,” asserts Mr. Jim Cichanski – Founder & CEO of Flex HR.

After spending 27 years in the Army National Guard, Mr. Cichanski began his venture.

Stellar Business Consulting Entrepreneur

After achieving the rank of Colonel, Mr. Cichanski was later inducted into the Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame and received numerous awards including the Legion of Merit. He holds a B.A. in Applied Behavioral Sciences, is a graduate of the Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Institute, has served on the board of HealthSource of Georgia, and was an inside board member of 17 companies.

Mr. Cichanski began his entrepreneurial journey by asking himself a question: What keeps business owners up at night? And the answer he found was – most companies don’t receive the quality of HR service that they should. Then, Flex HR saw the light of the day and started its operations.

“HR is an extremely challenging, yet vital profession. Every day, no matter how long you have been in this field you will learn something new. The continuous changing and adding of laws at Federal, state, and local levels makes an HR expert’s knowledge highly desired. Therefore, execution on that gained intelligence is where it all turns to self-fulfillment in assisting our clients,” states Mr. Cichanski.

An Edge over Industry Competitors

Mr. Cichanski describes Flex HR as a White Glove HR service firm. Compared to any other company, he has set the benchmark high. Professional Employment Organizations (PEO’s), or “co-employment arrangements”, may have systems in place, but Flex HR has a real staff that is always there for clients.

He has ensured that the team at Flex HR will answer the call within three rings and instead of using chatbots or AI, a live person will answer the calls. It’s a unique approach towards clients as these days many companies use chatbots or AI.

“No robots in our office; you can always get a hold of a human to help navigate real time-critical business concerns. Flex HR is one of the only services that are truly your outsourced HR backroom. We help grow and expand that backroom as your business needs to develop. We believe in nurturing a culture to which we treat our clients’ employees as our own,” proclaims Mr. Cichanski.

Holistic Full Service Human Capital Offerings

Flex HR supplements any HR management tasks needed. Their comprehensive offering includes high-level strategic consulting and planning, HR back-office administration, regulatory compliance, organizational development, benefit solutions, mergers, recruiting, training, payroll, employee websites, ethics hotline and administration, risk management, and human capital consulting and outsourcing, to name a few.

Flex HR delivers intelligent HR expertise allowing companies to concentrate on their internal resources to grow their core business.