Kshitij Lodha (Forthius Consulting) – Business Sight’s Disruptive Companies at the Forefront of Innovation 2020

A Forerunner Advisory Platform Proffering Wealth Management Solutions

Finance is the most important aspect of anyone’s life. It defines the standard of living for any person. With higher penetration of financial services, robust innovations, and customer-friendly policies, the finance sector is experiencing exponential growth. Several sectors are investing in Mutual Funds, Life & non-life insurances, equity & NBFC, Indian wealth management is becoming a hotspot for investment. The high rising HNIs, wealth management is likely to witness a rise in demand, scope, and complexity.

Forthius Consulting offers bespoke wealth management solutions to SMEs, family legacies, top management, non-resident, and professionals. The firm provides unique and tailored solutions in mutual funds, equity, PMS, financial planning, fixed income, and hedge funds. Along with this, it also deals with general, medical & term insurances and SIPs. The advisory platform is open to both domestic and NRI citizens.

People from various walks of life have different objectives and goals, and hence, Forthius provide transparent, tailored, and effective solutions. With its exclusive portal, the customers can view their portfolio via the app, anytime. Forthius offers all information on MFs, insurances, EPF, jewelry, gold, cash in hand, FDs, and stocks on its app.

The firm is committed to the clients’ needs and aspirations together with the analytical vigor, strong governance, wisdom, and insight to mitigate risks.

Visionary Leadership

Mr. Kshitij Lodha – Proprietor of Forthius Consulting, began with a goal to reach to a maximum number of youngsters and HNIs/UHNIs within India and across the globe by offering them the best services and also educating them about the nuances and the practices within the industry.

Having worked with various banks and wealth management firms, Mr. Kshitij has experience of over 12 years in the niche. He embarked on his professional journey in 2005 with Allegro Capital Advisors post his MBA Finance. He has served in renowned organizations such as ABN Amro/RBS, HDFC Private Banking Group, Deutsche Bank Private Banking, and ICICI Securities Private Wealth.  The experience and time spent in corporate life have enabled Mr. Kshitij to formulate the best practices and get the best investment avenues for his investors.

“We focus a lot on Relationship building which has resulted in 80% of our investors to join with us through references. Forthius gives the utmost importance to Honesty amongst its people, transparency to the clients, and being highly ethical in terms of doing business by maximum disclosures to the investors,” states Mr. Kshitij.

A Stalwart Entrepreneur

“After having worked with some of the most reputed organizations, I also learned it is not easy to start on your own when you are earning in 6 figures. You have to set up everything yourself, starting from choosing the products, making your processes, choosing the best software, getting some good people to work with, and so on. In a big organization you are just a part of a team, but not so when you are an entrepreneur,” asserts Mr. Kshitij.

Holistic Offerings

Forthius Consulting started primarily as an MFD (Mutual Fund Distributor) within the Indian markets and offering only Mutual Funds to its investors. However, it now has various investment avenues in its basket such as Equity Advisory through one of its partners, Treasury Management specifically for SMEs, General Insurance and Term Insurance for Individual Investors under the Risk Management strategies, and a plethora of International Investing avenues, such as Equities, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Bond and Fixed Income Funds and Hedge Funds.

“We are in the process of getting some USD based Hedge Funds which would have the minimum investment size of USD 10,000 which no one has access to yet,” asserts Mr. Kshitij.

New Horizons

With a growing footprint in India, Forthius is also looking to open offices across the globe and have an international presence. It is also becoming more tech-enabled and going paperless. The firm is aiming to grow twice what it is today. It has INR 73 Cr in Assets Under Management, and it is intending to touch 150 Cr in the next two years.

Forthius is bringing more investment avenues in Indian and offshore markets. Under the LRS, the firm will have more to offer as it is looking to expand. The institution has the first-mover’s advantage.

For More Details: http://www.forthius.in/