Mr. Arvinder Singh and Mr. Sanjay Kakar (SkyTag Bioteq LLP) – Business Sight’s Disruptive Companies at the Forefront of Innovation 2020

The Bounties Of Nature At Your Disposal, That Give You The Extra Edge

The centuries-old adage: Health is Wealth holds true even today. Health is the top priority for every individual on the planet. Without it, you cannot hope to achieve anything in this world and in recent years, people around the world have stressed on eating healthy. Since food is inadequate in supplying you with vital nutrients, there are many supplements that fill in the gap. SKYTAG BIOTEQ is a company that provides these exclusive supplements. It is an organization that encourages you to Invest in Yourself. The company offers products that help an individual in expanding his/her body’s capabilities beyond the ordinary. Since its products are uniquely formulated and synthesized from a handpicked herbal or organic source, the products are completely safe. All SKYTAG products are certified by the world’s topmost quality certifying agencies in the world, thereby assuring you the highest standards of safety and results.


Being an E-Commerce organization, SKYTAG BIOTEQ has an exceptional understanding of the market, marketing, and geographical aspects. It believes innovation holds the key to success and stand out in the crowded market. The firm follows a daily target of adding at least one new value addition that it was not doing before. This norm is challenging but it helps in making the company better day by day. In a year, it adds about 365 new value addition to its operations.

“Whether it is our packaging, our product line, our storage, our product presentation, our presence on the social media platforms, our supply chain management, etc, we try to add value to every single factor that we come across. Our vibrant team shares & contributes their effort in one or the other form. The day to day work is very exciting & we all look forward to every rising sun with excitement & sunset with satisfaction,” asserts Mr. Sanjay Kakar – the Head of Distribution & Logistics operations.

Since the company moves such motivation, its strategies are based on a simple but big factor – customer satisfaction. SkyTag Bioteq firmly believes the customer is the King and it intends to be the best friend of the King. With such values, the company strives to deliver the best products and services.


At the helm of SKYTAG BIOTEQ are Mr. Arvinder Singh and Mr. Sanjay Kakar. The duo has more than 60 years of cumulative experience in the pharmaceutical industry and lead the company with a far-sighted vision.

Mr. Arvinder has an experience of over 35 years in sales of high-end super-specialized, biologicals & recombinant products. He has worked for reputable Multinational Pharmaceutical companies as Head of Operations in India and the Asia-Pacific regions and understands the pulse of the market both nationally and Internationally. He has a very high level of customer orientation to his functionality for ensuring a highly satisfying customer experience.

Mr. Sanjay has extensive experience of over 30 years in the distribution of pharmaceutical products across India. Located in India’s capital at New Delhi, he owns & leads an authorized distribution chain of various high-end pharmaceutical companies. The distribution & logistics of the business generated by the company for high customer satisfaction are his areas of specialization.

Under their leadership, the company operates in 3 segments and ensures a high customer satisfaction level.


With the rise of online platforms, life is changing and evolving faster than ever before. With such technology’s development and up-gradation, SKYTAG BIOTEQ is looking forward to changing and evolving with its services and product lines. It is aiming & poised to become a leading company in niche segments of health care with a strong and highly satisfied customer base.

“SKYTAG BIOTEQ is today working hard to keep the essence of positivity in every field. The health supplements, the herbal range & other products are high utility products which are carefully identified & manufactured for high customer satisfaction. The consequence of this speaks to the results that our customers get. The positive reviews & ratings online for view by anyone speak volumes about the organization. We not only have customers in India but also from abroad, who buy our products & come back highly satisfied which keeps us highly motivated,” states Mr. Arvinder.

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