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A Fastest Growing Agrotech Start-up Organization

India is an agricultural country with more people practicing farming in various states of the country. It is also among the sectors which generate most of the employment, especially in rural and sub-urban areas. With experts forecasting massive growth in the niche, the global Agrotech market is expected to reach the worth of USD 24 billion by 2022.

“ The ease with which consumers can source produce nowadays often makes them forget the meticulous planning, preparation, and hard work that goes into the production, distribution and food supply chain — from farm to freight”

Frutunes Food Products is among such start-ups that is helping Farmers, Farmer Producing Clusters (FPC),Farmer Producing Group (FPG) and Farmer producing Organisation(FPO) to enhance their cultivation. It is solving several inefficiencies in the agrotech domain by leveraging the lives of farmers as well as consumers. Frutunes is the only India’s “Agrotech Export” Start-up B2B fresh produce supply chain company. A Start-up in the tech has driven Export supply chain space for Raw food products fresh vegetables, fruits, Indian Spices, Pulses, and Millet varieties to the International Market.

Selvan explains, "Our goal is to build and sustain the quality and make it available at a fair price. Today, we can take the farmers' produce in bulk at a fixed income or revenue, and for consumers, healthy produce”.

A symbol of Excellence

The Farmer’s Complete Export Solution – is the company’s coined tagline. It is also educating Indian farmers about the international export quality standard, certification and Regulatory requirements and expectations for produce, like vegetables, pulses, millets, spices, and also processed foods. Frutunes is associated with Tamil Nadu Agri University with MABIF at Madurai and PROFESSOR JAYASHANKAR TELANGANA STATE AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY,HYDERABAD farmers, and Farmer Producing Organizations (FPOs).

The organization began with a goal to make food safe, affordable, and accessible to millions of people. Currently, it is building a distribution network of a million International Buyers, restaurants, and foodservice providers in the next three years, with a focus on the VAP –value added food products, Especially on the ready to cook (RTC) and Ready to eat (RTE).

An Edge over Competitors

Frutunes deals with B2B B2G and B2C clients, who are looking for organic produce and naturally made products with a low maximum residue limit (MRL) is the highest level of a pesticide residue that is legally tolerated in or on food or feed when pesticides are applied correctly (Good Agricultural Practice). The company invests in R&D activities Through the Guideline of SHANKARAN RAMAMURTHY, Managing Director FRIGOSCAN POST HARVEST TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED to retain an edge in the market.

From the CMO, Jerald  Point of View for Frutunes, clients are supreme, and hence it pays a great amount of attention to understand the needs and requirements of the customers. On the domestic front, it is getting amazing support from FPOs for large orders. It has a good set of clients at GCC and APAC Especially from Singapore and Malaysia and also works on GCC government tenders as its product quality is organic. The company has grown tremendously in the last one year and has branches at Jordan, Utah, USA, and consulting offices in GCC, and Asia-pacific regions.

Shaping the Journey

At the helm of the company is Mr. Prathap Selvan – Founder & CEO of Frutunes. An IT professional with over 12 years of experience, his last designation is Vice President IT Operations he ventured into an entrepreneurial niche by starting the organization. Mr. Prathap has completed a certification program at the Tamil Nadu Dairy and Farming College and a BlockChain Program at Madurai MAIAF. Frutunes got selected as a best Agri startup by StartLife -Netherlands Wageningen Campus

Words from Wise to Budding Entrepreneurs

What achievements have Frutunes Food Products attained since inception? What methodologies have you incorporated to the business to the next level?

  1. Frutunes was selected as the Best Agri Tech Startup at a FACE Event by CII 2019
  2. Ranked 2nd for the Best Agri Tech Company award by Tamilnadu Agri College and MABIF 3.  Frutunes model was selected as a best Supply Chain Model by Startlife Netherlands. 4.  Frutunes Food Products was ranked 4th by the Spices Board of India for Multi Spices and Spices Value Added Exports. 5. Founder, Prathap Selvan, received an award as "Vivacāyikaḷin Naṇban" "Farmers' Friend" by Agri Tech Startup Association. 6. Selected as the best startup by AgInvest. 7. Selected as the best Agri Supply Chain for Agri 4.0. 8.  Frutunes was selected as the Best Exporter for Multi Processed Spices by the Spices Board of India. 9. Nascomm selected Frutunes and Best Agri Tech Company. 10 For its Best Practice Frutunes got ISO Certification 9001:2015

"The opportunities to innovate in Agritech today, are enormous, and at Frutunes there is no limit to your growth as an individual. We have many young Agri tech folks and uneducated farmers who have done really well and are playing larger roles, purely because of their focus, commitment and attitude towards learning and implementation" “As young entrepreneurs, you should undergo the process of building a business and learn the aspects of running a business. Don’t let failures deter you to aim for higher goals,” asserts PRATHAP SELVAN, CEO, Frutunes food Products.

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