Ryan Westwood (CEO, Simplus – An Infosys Company) – Business Sight’s Visionary Leaders at Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020

Salesforce offers powerful solutions to businesses and is embraced by major brands across the globe. But many companies find they need additional help to completely optimize the customer experience and realize operational efficiency through the platform. That’s where a consultant like Simplus steps in.

Simplus is the only Salesforce partner in the top 1% of CSAT scores with a proven track record of excellence in Sales Cloud, CPQ, and beyond, providing implementation, advisory, data, and managed services. Simplus’ goal is to make the complex simple when it comes to Salesforce.


A partner with deep industry expertise

As a Platinum Salesforce Partner, Simplus offers extensive services that cover the entire technology lifecycle with best-in-class features. Simplus develops innovative solutions that support industry-focused digital transformations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Simplus takes care of everything, from adoption planning and road-mapping support to contract lifecycle management and industry-specific accelerators, and is the only Salesforce consulting partner recognized as a “leader” on G2Crowd.


Ryan Westwood, a “serial entrepreneur” acclaimed for his sheer passion for business growth and start-ups, started Simplus in 2014. Now six years later in 2020, the company is well-known for delivering an exceptional customer experience through its many service offerings: program strategy, platform implementation, organizational change management, data and systems integration, business platforms and accelerators, and managed services.

In particular, Simplus has a proven expertise for quote-to-cash automation, helping companies generate quotes faster, eliminate errors, and focus on growing business. Simplus knows how to integrate CPQ & Billing solutions for a faster, sleeker sales cycle in any organization.

And the proof of Simplus’ expertise is in its experience: over 700 successful CPQ projects completed all while maintaining its five-star customer satisfaction rating.


Under the impressive leadership of Ryan Westwood, Simplus has emerged as one of the leading Salesforce technology partners, providing innovative solutions to digitally transform business in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail and consumer goods, transportation and hospitality, and many more.

Early on and under Ryan’s direction, Simplus found a profitable niche for itself, doubling its employee counts year over year from 2017 (186 headcount) to 2019 (542 headcount) by focusing on CPQ. This niche fueled rapid growth, with Simplus acquiring seven companies in just three years. Early this year, Simplus itself was acquired by Infosys in a unique “reverse integration” agreement, which includes 900 employees in Infosys’ North America Salesforce practice joining the Simplus fold.


Simplus has received widespread acclaim and recognition for its business excellence and culture: Entrepreneur, Inc., Business Insider, Glassdoor, Consulting Magazine, and others. The impressive leadership of Ryan Westwood has also garnered widespread attention; Westwood authored the bestselling book “The Five Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur,” where he explains his philosophy on corporate culture. He also shares his knowledge and experiences through articles published in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CIO, and more.


There is a significant difference in being successful and being successful while still growing. Simplus thrives at the latter. Core values like critical thinking, underdog spirit, and stewardship all encourage Simplus team members to innovatively work and simplify the most complex situations while also maintaining a compassionate culture among peers and clients.

This inviting culture has been and continues to be critical to Simplus’ growth and success, attracting the best talent to fill its roster.


The future at Simplus

Simplus is leading the Salesforce industry with a clear vision and eagerness for the future. Simplus is looking forward to augmenting its existing expertise in quote-to-cash with expanded expertise in areas such as Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. The integration with Infosys will add to this already impressive collection of skills.


Under the distinguished leadership of Ryan Westwood, Simplus is steadily marching towards its long-term goal of becoming the most respected partner in the Salesforce ecosystem. And with Westwood’s fervor for growth and business excellence leading the charge, we’re certain it will.