Amit Relan and Smita Shah (Woot Factor) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

A Full Spectrum Event Management Company

Event management companies are among the most creative companies in the world. Their out of the box ideas bring fresh charm to the events and they also ensure the events are never outdated. With people throwing grand celebrations on important occasions, even management companies add a different shine to the occasions. Blending aesthetics and creativity, these companies bring forth the best out of the events.

WOOT Factor is among such leading event management companies, which offers its services across the lengths and breaths of India. It manages events for the BFSI, Real Estate, and Pharma sectors predominantly. As an event management company, its portfolio is full of exclusive services such as MICE, BTL, Product launches, and campaign development.

The company is a sum of expression of excitement, height of delight, and state of exuberance.

Navigating through Troubling Times

Before the pandemic, WOOT Factor also had a luxury segment called luxeperiential events, along with its regular services. Since it is a customer-centric company, it always has its focus on industries rather than services. This approach has enabled it to sail through such a tough time by generating visibility or leads for the clients it serves. This ROI driven attitude is the driving force behind the strengthening of its ties with various clients.

With its exclusive focus on industries, it always looked to incorporate the latest technology to extend its service lines and deliver better outcomes. When it conducted events for ICICI, YES Bank, the technology was given a priority and was integrated within its solutions. This unique route gave the company an advantage and hence, WOOT Factor was able to retain several clients by developing solutions during the pandemic.

WOOT Factor refused to sit back, and wait and watch in such a time. Standing strong, the company focused on innovating and still being relevant rather than target focused or revenue-focused. Its client partners refused to look at it as a vendor, and it was instrumental in boosting WOOT Factor’s confidence in these testing times.

Shaping the Journey

Mr. Amit Relan and Ms. Smita Shah are the managing directors of WOOT Factor. The duo started their entrepreneurial journey in 2009 with WOOT Factor as a pure event organizer. Under their leadership, the company now serves specific industries for turnkey product launches, social connect programs and BTL engagement.

Before starting their own venture, Mr. Amit was in the world of technology with a role in account management & sales, and Ms. Smita was in operations in leading financial companies like Prudential, HSBC, and JP Morgan.

“We started by focusing on ground level retail events creating employee engagement events for a lot of brands. As we grew, we realized our strength was creativity, quality of service, and the capability of catering to long term relationships rather than just individual projects. These have combined become our portfolio strength and helped us be what we are today,” states Ms. Smita.

Holistic Offering

“Traditionally as a company, we offered a portfolio of services such as MICE, BTL, Product launches, campaign development and coming to the pandemic we have innovated and created a product called WIEW which is a virtual event platform which is available in various versions one being WIEW Lite, the other being WIEW Lite + and the third being WIEW Virtual. Going forward, we foresee the service portfolio experiential events combined with the virtual events complimenting each other rather than competing with each other,” asserts Mr. Amit.

Beyond Covid19

WOOT Factor is a one-stop solution for the entire service portfolio. It does not compromise and provide the best solutions in the market. It does not engage with 50 – 100 clients. It has a set of 15-20 clients that it caters to year on year basis and that’s where the deep understanding of its business is seen.

In the coming years, WOOT Factor is aiming to open up a certain set of event categories which will be digital, Phygital, and physical. The company will be covering all these basic and hence, become a partner of choice as clients do not want to invest in multiple partners. WOOT factor is on the physical front, WIEW for the phygital part, and Wabi Sabi that focuses on the digital aspect of the engagement.

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