Andrey Tymoshenko (Live Animations) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Remarkable Companies in 2020

Live Animations: Magic AR support for business.

Live Animations is a leading developer of innovative loyalty programs based on advanced AR technology for large retailers and kids & family brands around the world.

We carry out the full production cycle of AR and VR effective content and marketing solutions. We cover everything: from developing an idea to app’s publishing.

Launching the First Product

In 2014, we introduced eight different products with augmented reality to the market. All of them were designed for customers of different ages and gender. The only product that turned out to be in demand was the educational one for the children’s audience. September 26, 2014, is the birthday of the company - the founder and owner of the company Andrey Tymoshenko sold the first licensing rights for the large batch’s production of this educational product. This invaluable experience gave us an understanding of where to go next. Over the next year and a half, we sold licenses to 54 more countries around the world.

Since then it has become one of our business areas. Working exclusively in the B2B segment, our team uses the most innovative technologies in order to provide children with as much high-quality educational AR content as possible, and thereby our customers' brands earn the loyalty of the grateful parents that are ready to pay for these products.

Parents’ loyalty is based on the benefits the brand provides to the children

In general, the “benefit” itself is the foundation on which all our projects are based on. The fact is that it is the AR technology that turns almost any product in a useful one. Besides, it is augmented reality that can help the company discover new markets. Here are some proofs of this:

2017: Our first loyalty program for large retail was an overwhelming success. More than 350,000 copies of Alice in Wonderland AR books were sold in a month. We had to print extra copies twice as no one expected such a sold-out. As a result, two of Lewis Carroll’s books have already been sold more than 1 million times in two countries as a part of loyalty programs.

2018: One of the examples of a brand loyalty program. Let’s take common kids candies as an example. As part of the project for a large confectionery company that was planning to expand into a huge new market, we created 20 exciting educational cartoons and one educational AR game. The access to this content was available after the special marking on the package was scanned. As a result, the promotional confectionery line has turned from ordinary sweets into a small entertainment and educational channel.

2020 - We used the same principle in the loyalty program for the South Korean telecommunications giant. In order to attract their customers to the new 5G network, we created two online books with AR technology. We have also integrated educational games into them. For example, in the fairy tale The Three Little Pigs a child can build one of the characters’ house by himself. He can choose what the windows, doors, etc. will look like. This is an excellent experience for children that stimulates one of the main life skills - the ability to make decisions. Children love this, and their parents, seeing such a positive reaction, become more loyal to the brand. The numbers definitely confirm the success: the app has more than 100,000 downloads since the project’s launch.

First great success

The truly great success came in May 2018. Back then we created augmented reality for four children's books of the American publishing house Little Hippo. The implementation of this project not only solved a business task - the books hit the Walmart’s shelves, but also it received the most prestigious American award in the segment of children's goods - the Parents Choice Award. It is like an Oscar among children's products.

Interaction with clients and projects approach features

Having implemented more than 50 projects, we have concluded that the key to success is a special relationship between us and our clients. Such kind that goes beyond the regular contractor and client relationship. Thanks to both successful and unsuccessful (yes, this also happened to us) experience we can immediately, even at the stage of defining the technical requirements, help the customer stay out of non-working ideas. In fact, we are becoming a partner to our customers, not a simple contractor. In practice, this is expressed in close interaction with the customer's marketing team during the entire project, and especially at the stage of generating the whole idea.

Besides, we always strive to ensure that customers come back to us again and again. This approach makes us highly interested in the client's success.

And it really is working out. For example, we have already created three loyalty programs for ATB retail, augmented reality for more than 30 books (the three of which are licensed by Disney) for Little Hippo publishing house, eight AR masks for social networks for Oriflame and three projects for tic-tac. Moreover, the Ugears company, for which we have created a project using MobileAR and WebAR, actually became our partner. Together we developed Singing Farm - a unique innovative loyalty program for retail that combines activities both in the physical and virtual worlds. And I would like to tell you more about it.

Singing Farm: a new format of loyalty programs for retail

To benefit children as much as possible and maximize the effectiveness of our retail loyalty programs, we chose Ugears, the manufacturer of wooden 3D mechanical model kits as our partner for the new project. As a result, we have launched a two-level product that has no analogues in the world.

On the first level, customers can buy at a special price small self-assembly toys made from environmentally friendly materials and self-assembly mechanical diorama. These are the elements of the farm: 25 characters and the farm itself. The toys are small and easy to assemble. All of them are sold in opaque packages, so the customer does not know what kind of toy he is about to get. Diorama is a more expensive and complex model kit. The inhabitants of the farm can be placed on a mechanical diorama and become movable. The assembly process for both large and small kits is very fun and designed to capture the attention of the whole family.

The second part of the project is the Singing Farm mobile app. This is a game in which each of the collected toys can be scanned and moved in the virtual Farm. With this app the child learns to run his own farm business: feed and care for animals, maintain the buildings and fix equipment. Another part of the game is aimed at developing the children’s musicality. While playing this part of the game the users can create their own tracks using the sounds of collected animals and equipment.

Together both levels keep buyers' attention for several months. The loyalty program is still underway, so its results will be available in a while. Nevertheless, we already want to thank our partners and customers for their courage and willingness to implement innovative technologies.

We work with the companies that look to the future with confidence. They are the market leaders, the ones who set ambitious goals and reach them. They are persistent and determined, are ready to experiment and are flexible in new circumstances. They are who we are. We are proud of each of our customers. We appreciate their trust and do our best for their success.

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