Anil Pradhan (Mero Network) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

Augmenting Online Presence with Innovation & Personalized Offerings

In today’s digital world, an online presence is vital, perhaps even more than mortar and brick presence. More than 80 percent of people read reviews about a business before making the final call. The internet has changed the world drastically. More and more businesses are augmenting their online presence to leverage sales and improve their visibility. With so many businesses doing more of the same thing, the key lies in presenting themselves in a different light.

Mero Network is a company that helps organizations to stand apart from the crowd and reap the benefits from an online presence. With out of the box ideas, the company builds a website, manage IT infrastructure, and morph the online presence with the latest technologies. It develops personalized blueprints for its clients and hence, can differentiate its clients from the hordes of businesses.

Mero Network was incepted with the vision to be the leader in the space of IT Consulting and digital marketing. Along the way, Mero Network helped hundreds of clients to reduce risk, minimize IT expenses, and reap better returns on their IT investments. Today, the company is known for its unique and innovative solutions in both segments.

Becoming an Insignia of Excellence

Mero Network offers all the basic services such as website design, development and management, E-commerce, Digital marketing, Mobile Apps development, business email and servers, managing dedicated or cloud server hosting. Its flagship product ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) comprises more than 15 modules or software such as CRM, HRM, Accounting, Project management, Inventory management, Payroll, etc.

The firm’s ERP is driving force behind its unparalleled success as several clients have testified. One of them is Mr. Krijan Shrestha and he asserts, "Assertively iterate resources maximizing products after leading-edge intellectual capital software developments."

Headquartered in the heart of Nepal, Kathmandu, the company is now poised to go global and earn the trust of international companies. With its proven track record, the company can manage any work-related issues to IT software and services, back office, and data management.

Currently, Mero Network is serving more than 200 clients from several sectors such as Government bodies, Travel Tours and hotels and restaurants, Education institutions, Not-for-Profit, Trading, Media, and many more.

Dealing with Covid19 Pandemic

Crediting the key value of sustainability, Mero Network is helping clients in need to survive these tough times. It believes that those companies who have implemented sustainability properly should have no problem witnessing an upward growth trajectory as the company has proved for itself.

Putting Teamwork, Trust, Clients, and Company Culture on the forefront, Mero Network is sailing through the pandemic without any hassle. It has set goals for itself in the coming year and they are:

  1. Increase its local market share
  2. Serve its UK customers better
  3. Expand into the North American (US & Canada) market – i.e. win the trust of new customers from the US and Canada

Staying Ahead of the Curve

“Our culture is our company's immune system. If one has a weak immune system, s/he is susceptible to viruses and diseases. Similarly, our company culture is our immune system. As long as our company culture is solid and intact, we will march forward without getting sick and having to bed rest. And we treat our vision as our destination. Every day, we stay healthy and we march forward towards our destination. Along the way, we follow our values religiously. And our values are - Obsession for Customer's Satisfactions,” states Mr. Anil Pradhan – Director & ERP Division Head of Mero Network.

Mr. Anil holds an MBA degree from the UK along with two decades of experience in many sectors as well as in more than ten countries. Backed by the years of experience and exposure in so many countries, he is at the pinnacle of the IT business in Nepal. He believes that Nepal has the potential to become the IT hub of Asia and the strength to become the back office of global businesses.

Mero Network is built around a key value that has helped to become what it is today – Obsession for Customer Satisfaction.

Beyond Covid19

Mero Network is now aiming to penetrate foreign markets after marking its presence in the home country. To achieve this goal, it is busy preparing a blueprint to expand its products and services to a global audience.

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