Business in Pandemic

Being in Technological education for the past two decades, I see pandemic as a catalyst to technological disruption in Business and Life. This change was the elephant in the room which most preferred to ignore. Time has called us back again and brought it on Lynchpin so that we can learn Big. Entrepreneurs have become who  they are with more resolute than the majority and with the GRIT to go against the grain to conquer their dreams. So Onus is on us, entrepreneurs, to address this exigency, accept this is a change rather than a stopgap and ACT. Time will merit the meritorious more than the lucky counterpart. Conscious, well-planned and futuristic ideas and actions are imperative to stand the storm and reap the spring ahead of us.

World Economic Forum has said in April 2020 that the world is facing a reskilling emergency and more than 40% of the workforce would need to change their professional tooth to a completely new one. Retrechnment of labor would be at the drop of a hat otherwise, which poses us, Businesses to come to the fore and lead the change. Optimal utilization of all resources would be the primary action item in hand with priority for change enduring components of our current businesses. It is no crime to change the line of our Business if you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. Persistence, Agility and Flexibility would serve as the tri-pillars of any businesses now. Especially Now !!!

I’ve also observed that Asian countries were a little reluctant to e-commerce pre-covid era, but this has completely changed and most of us have accepted e-commerce as the new kid at home. Almost 70% of us have equipped ourselves to live closed for atleast quarter a year with just a smart phone. Market has come to our finger tips, hence it is important that we make our voice heard online with ample social media presence and push. The UI (user Interface) and UX (User Experience) plays a vital role in virtual sales, hence it's important that we keep our businesses dressed accordingly and USPs are spoken aloud.  A lot of such service providers and platforms are available with just a few mouse clicks.

While bringing our Business online, it is equally important that we leave an eye to future market and technology trends. G-TEC being a pioneer in education, geared up our Online Education wing called, G-TEC Online Learning, which we formed a couple of years back. This kept us live from day 1 of Lockdown. Online education saw 140% growth on a global scale and its predicted growth to 325 Bn USD in 2020 is quite a benchmark to embrace it heart and soul. Apart from being online we also brought in the best global online learning and certification components to keep the enthusiasm up and live, which otherwise we may not have gone with. Though a bit risky w.r.t investments, we had to step in with our best foot forward and remain special. The question is what can be yours?

Three important questions to ask yourself.

  1. What should I change in my current Business?
  2. What should I keep in current Business?
  3. What new things must I bring in to my Business?


Technology is going to disrupt most of the redundant tasks and Businesses, so be vigilant on our irreplaceable factors and sharpen it. If you can't find any, change. With the advent of 5G connectivity, businesses would find its market online and technologies would be the grain. Future Businesses would depend on data, very BIG Data , so be ready to analyze, learn, and decide with it. Businesses would also be technology compliant, like IoT , AR/VR, Security compliant, so be yours too.

My Professional Mantra for Success is Variety + Affordability + Authenticity, while Love +Compassion+Patience constitutes my personal Success Mantra

Wishing you Success+ Happiness.

About the Author

Mehroof I Manalody is the Founder Chairman and Managing Director of G-TEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS. Formed in 2001, G-TEC is currently a global brand with presence in 19 countries and Corporate Office in Singapore. G-TEC education network has trained over1.8 Million Alumni through its 600+ quality training centres.  G-TEC was incepted with his vision of Transforming Lives through quality education and creating a productive global workforce. He is now on his mission to reach 100% aspirants with quality education and certification in the most affordable manner and to become No.1 In Education brand across the world.

Mehroof is the CII Chairman for North Kerala apart from various key roles in all major trade chambers nationally and represents India on various International Business delegations. He has various National and International awards including the Best International Training centre award from House of Commons, UK for the past 7 consecutive years including 2020.