Gurinderpal Singh (Talent 21 Management & Shared Services) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

One-Stop Destination for All Talent Acquisition Needs

Many organizations are always on the lookout for top talents in their respective industries. These are the organizations offering better packages and opportunities for growth, and hence, their requirements are also unique. The skillset they require is completely different from the pool. With more and more youths joining the talent pool every year, it has become troublesome for these organizations to acquire top talents.

Talent21 Management and Shared Services is among those agencies that help provide top talent to the industries. It is one of the leading executive search firms in the world with its headquarter in India. The company has a global footprint and has offices in the US, India, the UK, and the UAE.

Talent21 services to all the major industry segments. It does this by assessing a candidate’s interest and suitability for any given position. It is contributing not only to organizations but also to a potential candidate’s career development.

To become one of the leading organizations in the field of talent acquisition, Talent21 is constantly expanding its global reach and because of its global presence, the company is servicing various firms around the globe.

Staying at the Forefront with Innovative Ideas

Talent21 operates through a matrix structure – organized by geography, industry specialization, and functional expertise as well as by additional leadership services. Its clients, whether large or small, global or local, benefit greatly from this structure as it has access to the most relevant resources and relationships wherever they may exist. This has enabled the company to understand its clients’ cultures, operations, business strategies, and industries thoroughly.

Talent21 also invests in its teams so that the teams should always be up-to-date with all the latest developments. With its commitment to ensuring its internal team should not miss on learning, the company conducts regular training and brainstorming sessions that have helped the team to grow. This unique approach towards the internal team helped the firm grew, leading the company to build its internal tools with innovative thoughts. This in turn has reduced the TAT and improved the teams’ efficiency.

Talent21 retains a team that has a wealth of industry experience. Its key management personnel is backed by decades of professional experience in various senior-level positions across a range of industries. This team is the driving force behind the company’s unparalleled success as the team develops unique and innovative solutions with its years of knowledge and skills.

Managing the Pandemic & Sailing through Difficult Times

“At talent21, we were one among those organizations who had not reduced the team size, rather added team to ensure that we do not miss on even a single mandate from our clients. We connected with every client and ensured that the team is there to support 24X7, with 100% commitment and Excellence in service delivery,” asserts Mr. Gurinderpal Singh – Founder & Managing Director of Talent21 Management and Shared Services.

Because the company serves in India, the US, the UK, and the Gulf, it connected with over 14 nationalities and placed over 230 professionals with the majority of hiring coming from healthcare and IT domains. The company achieved this amazing feat while global lockdowns were initiated.

Talent21 did it by conducting webinars wherein doctors and mental health specialists helped the team members in understanding Covid19 and ways to cope with it. The 24/7 support for each member was a key factor to ensure that they do not feel lost while working from home.

Dynamic Persona Driving the Success

Mr. Gurinderpal is an Alumni of IIM-A. He started his career as a software developer and then moved to HR, worked in organizations like Ness Technologies, Wipro Technologies, Satyam and Mahindra Satyam at a leadership level, managing global deliveries and teams.

He founded the company in 2010 with the aspiration to bridge the gap of strategic manpower. Within eight months, the company grew from mere personnel to a 65-member team and 50 clients across India, the US, and UAE.

Future Landscape

“To date, our strength has been organic growth, and would like to follow the same by building internal leadership and achieving delivery excellence by improving our processes and systems,” states Mr. Gurinderpal.

Under his leadership, the company is poised to become one of the leading talent acquisition firms in the world.

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