Hemant Singh and Mamta Jha (INTTL Advocare) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Remarkable Companies in 2020

A Forerunner in the field of Intellectual Property Rights

Unprecedented progress in technology has led to steep competition in every sector. Innovation is paving the way to the future. With robust ideas, companies are reinventing the processes and thereby, increasing the efficiency of the services and products. In such an era, protecting intellectual property is vital if an organization wishes to benefit from the idea.

Inttl Advocare, India’s leading Intellectual Property firm, is one of the pioneers in safeguarding various companies’ intellectual property. Established in 1991 in Delhi by Mr. Hemant Singh – Founder & Managing Partner and a leading IPR lawyer, the firm has represented the globally leading and iconic brands, across a spectrum of industries. Because of its honed expertise and vast experience, the firm has played a pivotal role in obtaining several landmark judgments in the niche area of IP protection, contributing to the ever-evolving jurisprudence on the subject.

The firm has represented several leading brands and Fortune 500 companies from several industry sectors, including large business conglomerates from Foods and Beverages, Liquor, Garments, Cosmetics, FMCG, Fashion & Apparel, Computer Software, Telecommunication, Media, Electronics, Telemarketing Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Biotechnology sectors, to name a few.

Under the leadership of Mr. Hemant Singh and Ms. Mamta Jha, the firm has handled more than 2500 IP litigation cases pertaining to diverse fields within the IP practice, covering trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, patents, etc.

Shaping the Journey

“I have been fortunate to argue more than 2500 cases, with a few hundred reported judgments. While it would be unfair to pick any special case or litigation matter, Blenders Pride matter stands out significantly as it established that the rights of overseas brand owners looking to enter India must be protected based on international first use,” shares Mr. Singh, when asked about significant cases through his journey as a lawyer.

With a tremendous passion for intellectual property, Mr. Singh embarked on his journey with a vision to establish a practice where protection of clients’ interest would be the grundnorm. When asked about what prompted him to establish a law firm, Mr. Singh replied, “To ensure that the clients’ interest is always the driving force, excellent research, exceptional knowledge of subject and attention to detail are a must. I was sure that my legal practice would be swear by meticulous research and exceptional strategy. I also wanted the firm to be inclusive and encouraging of new legal talent, as well as professionally managed at the same time. All this was possible under a firm set-up, that supports a large bandwidth.”

However, becoming a trusted adviser was a long road. He adds, “Once you establish a practice, the impetus has to continue. An unfettered client commitment and ability to think on our feet, coupled with our strong ethics, transformed the firm into one of the leading and most trusted IP firms in India”. He kept an eye focused on the vision so that the commitment to the fraternity is never compromised for commercial pursuits. Mr. Singh’s foresight and blueprint laid the foundation for the firm’s unparalleled success.

Stellar Leadership

A firm believer in encouraging true talent and rewarding merit, the firm transitioned to a partnership model in 2018, when Ms. Mamta Rani Jha – Senior Partner & Head of Litigation & Opposition at the firm was promoted as an Equity Partner in the firm. With more than two decades of experience in the field of litigation, she has etched her name in the IPR domain. Ms. Jha is not only a leading figure in the Indian IPR sector, but is also known for her unbelievable client servicing abilities and the hard work she puts in.

A lawyer reckoned for stellar work in the patent and trademark litigation matters, Ms. Mamta Jha believes in empowering clients by offering them comprehensive, holistic, and innovative solutions. She is a people’s person and represents the firm at several international IP conferences, where she has made friends from across the globe. Most of the clients swear by her exceptional court craft, the ability to steer a litigation matter and often unique and ‘out-of-the-box’ ways of coming up with a solution.

The duo leads the firm with exceptional excellence. The firm always introspects, providing an edge over the competitors. The leaders invest in human resources, infrastructural robustness, industry awareness, relationships, protecting clients’ interests, and collaborating with the team to propel the firm’s growth. Today, the team at the firm comprises of experts who help in end-to-end servicing of all IP requirements including IP rights prosecution, portfolio management, international filing, filing through Madrid Protocol, transactional aspects of IP management, as well as contentious IP matters covering enforcement in India.

“The firm has an open channel communication between departments, overseen by the senior members who continuously learn from each other. In this process, we’ve created best practices with respect to dos and don’ts unique to each client. This helps in creation of a learning curve and avoid reinventing the wheel. The benefits of such a system/process driven environment are eventually passed on to the clients in terms of affordability of service. Another advantage of such transparent communication between specialized teams is to provide holistic support to clients by not only looking at a problem from only one angle. We also have firm-wide knowledge sharing sessions that help the team updated with the nuances and latest developments in IP,” states Ms. Mamta.

A Symbol of Excellence

Inttl Advocare stands apart because of its holistic solutions and strategy. Their diverse practice has won Inttl Advocare many honours, including Best Trademark Counsel – Global Award 2014 by Novartis Pharmaceuticals. The firm’s practice has also been recognized in several premier international publications and the Partners are regular speakers at various national and international IP forums. One of the leading international publications quotes, “Inttl Advocare is a highly respected intellectual property boutique, famed for its contentious practice. Founder and Managing Partner Hemant Singh is regaled by industry insiders as one of the best IP litigators in the market.”

Changing Scenario in the IP Niche

In the past few years, there has been good progress in the Indian IP sector. With the Indian government taking steps forward by approving the Bilateral Patent Prosecution Highway program with the Japan Patent Office, Mr. Hemant expects several changes.

“We need to reduce the time and pendency of patent applications, accelerate examination and reduce the elements of multi-layered approvals, applications, and examinations,” suggests Mr. Hemant.

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