Jitendranath Nayer, Shobha Sah and Satheesh Kumar (Amicus Insurance Broking Services Pvt Ltd) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

Can we predict what lies ahead in life? Not really, but we can certainly protect the future with precise planning and implementing the right measures. A comprehensive insurance cover could potentially prove to be a real saviour of your business. And getting the right advice and guidance is critical to this process.

Amicus Insurance Broking Services Pvt Ltd. thoroughly understands all the risks involved in the business and offer customized risk management and insurance solutions.

It has been served thousands of many corporate clients successfully with deep expertise in various industries and local markets.

Being a trustworthy and leading Insurance Broking Services provider, Amicus is delivering its premium services and products and support clients to accelerate business growth.

1) The dynamic Team on- Board

Friendship becomes more beautiful when it shares the same profession and sheer passion. The four bright pals promoters, all friends, came together after holding senior management level positions/national head roles in private insurance companies, as well as insurance broking companies, and have shaped the Amicus Insurance Broking Services Pvt Ltd. since the year 2008.

Mr. Jitendranath Nayer ( Director), and Shobha Sah, ( Managing Director), and Mr. Satheesh Kumar (Principal Officer cum CEO) are a powerful source of inspiration for Amicus.

They collectively hold the invaluable expertise and experience of 150 years across the entire spectrum of non-life insurance LOBs (Lines of Business) of Property, Engineering, Marine, Employee Benefits, Fine Art, Credit.

2) A Friend in need...

‘’Client first and always’’, is what Amicus believes and works around. With a profound knowledge and understanding of the entire business, risks, and risk management solutions, it makes sure to protect the client beyond their limits.

The delay in giving the indemnity is as painful as the loss for the client. Amicus puts all the efforts and energy to entitle the swift and precise settlement of a legitimate, admissible claim.

Meanwhile While doing so, Amicus has succeeded in striking a fair balance between clients and insurers.

3) Values broaden the Vision:

Amicus feels proud to be recognized as ‘A Knowledge-Driven Company' rather than just a Business entity following ''popular market practices''. It has been constantly aiming to be transparent in all dealings and fight hard for the customer’s rights.

Amicus has added tremendous value to clients by structuring tailor-made insurance covers. It has an almost 100% claims recovery track record, and remained devoted to building on this reputation.

Right from its inception in 2008, the company has been following all the legal frameworks and regulations completely.

The growth has been mutual for Amicus and employees as well because the work culture here is nurturing as the employees are sharing these value systems daily.

4) A ray of hope

In the times of pandemics of COVID-19, when there was a huge panic situation, Amicus offered a ray of hope for many people. It worked wholeheartedly with the insurers and partner foundations, and NGOs to create awareness and come up with relief and aid.

Through targeted COVID benefit insurance policies, Amicus has offered an insurance shelter to almost 1.50 lakh farmers and field workers all across the country.

5) The way forward 

 Across all the Insurance industry segments, Amicus caters to corporate clients of all sizes. It has come up to offer their exceptionally superior solutions for a safety inspection. The team of expert safety engineers here will offer support to benefit from external expert insights.

Amicus has strategic plans to expand its footprints across the country. It has taken the first step towards it by opening its first branch office, in Kochi. It will soon have its presence in other Tier II/III cities in the next couple of years.

6) Challenges are the catalyst for growth!

Following the code of ethics also in the testing times, is what makes Amicus the most respected and valuable company in the Insurance industry. Amicus ensures that insurers have to offer better rates/discounts for better-managed plants.

The team Amicus has been rendering exceptionally excellent services for commercial projects with suitable policy options. Efficiency coupled with the right guidance is what makes it a reliable friend of countless clients. Amicus addresses every concern and resolves it quickly through smooth and transparent communication.

Focusing on delivering innovative and realistic insurance solutions make brand AMICUS respected in the insurance field by insurers, fellow brokers, and even by the regulators.

For More Details: http://www.amicusbrokers.com/