MJ Srikant (MJSPR) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

A Boutique Integrated Communication & Strategy Consulting Firm

Several organizations understand the need for public relations, branding, and strategy to augment their marketing approach. These crucial things are important for upgrading online reputation and hence, companies invest resources and time to stay at top of the stack. PR leads from the forefront as it shares the right information with the right people. This in turn builds brand reputation and promotes businesses.

MJSPR is among such boutique consulting firms that change the future of many organizations. Founded in 2002, the firm is defined by seven vital values: Smart, Robust, Innovative, Knowledge, Artistic, Nuanced, and Trust. It blends art, science, and extensive experience to develop data-driven campaigns and goes that extra mile for clients to ensure high ROI.

In 18 years, MJSPR has expanded its footprint in 35 major cities across the length and breadth of the country. With its fleet of more than 800 journalists spread across the nation, the firm has conceived and delivered successful comprehensive media campaigns for more than 340 clients.

Shaping the Journey

MJSPR began with a mission to become the most sought-after Leading Change firm by providing successful business solutions to its valued partners and today, the firm is a forerunner in the niche. To date, it has nurtured 74 leaders in due course of its journey.

By effectively engaging clients to understand their expectations and requirements, MJSPR drafts a systematic and professional blueprint for their campaigns. This unique approach has enabled it to educate its clients on realistic expectations and alternatives to achieve the desired results. By doing so, the company builds clients’ businesses from zero and establish them as thought or market leaders in their respective domains.

MJSPR believes in long-term engagements and hence, it partners with clients for progress, thereby creating a win-win situation for both sides.

Dynamic Personality

At the helm of MJSPR is Mr. MJ Srikant – Founder & Managing Director. He is a seasoned Strategist and a trusted Communications Specialist, who leveraged his past experiences as an educator, orator, ad-man, and journalist to create a company that enjoys unique advantages in the market.

Mr. MJ Srikant is proficient in media networking and has a domain grip in media relations, digital transformations, integrated campaigns, and market communications. He has worked with more than 300 individuals, brands, companies, and organizations encompassing over 12 sectors including healthcare, education, hospitality, technology, and manufacturing business.

Scaling the Challenges of the Pandemic

“I have helped companies to transform their market outlook and fortunes. So, it was not difficult for me to respond and transform myself and the company. We recognized very early the pandemic effects on the market and resolved to reinvent our offerings while changing our operation model,” states Mr. MJ Srikant.

Before the pandemic spread across the countries, the firm underwent brand rehauling to match the present market scenarios. Its clients fell in-line with updated solutions as they understood the new normal is going to last at least 2 fiscal years.

Holistic Offering

MJSPR offers a bouquet of services with an integrated approach or a standalone service depending upon the requirement of clients. Its services span across 12 market verticals. The firm’s comprehensive range of services include:

  1. Integrated Communications, including digital, print online, broadcast in the media world
  2. Corporate Communications services, including Internal Communications, as a separate service
  3. Marketing Communications for all Go-to-Market strategy
  4. Content Marketing to help reach a target audience across platforms
  5. Strategy Consulting to help navigate into the future
  6. Access to funds and VCs for market expansion

Beyond Covid19

“MJSPR will be cited as a shining example in the domain that we are operating in. I see this transformation happening, and to make it happen pooling the right talent and skillset who can translate the set narrative to action and results. I am involved in this transformation at every step, as my professional vision is perfectly aligned with the vision of the organization to achieve scale and growth,” asserts Mr. MJ Srikant.

Under his leadership, the company is heading in the right direction and emerging even stronger than before. The firm is marking its presence in the many metros of the country while partnering with high-value clients.

Clients will also reap the benefits of sound counseling, strategic advisory, and business realignment tips to remain relevant and competitive in the market from MJSPR.

For More Details: http://mjspr.com/