Prem Bhatia (Aniktantra) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

Developing & Deploying the Best Scalable, Flexible, & Platform Independent IT Solutions

In recent years, the Indian consulting industry has seen substantial growth in its size as well as in terms of services. With a steady increase in demand for specialist consulting services, the companies are helping a large number of organizations with their expertise and knowledge. The industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country and is also a leader in employment activities.

Aniktantra Technologies is a forerunner in the domain, offering the best scalable, flexible solutions that address all the needs of its clients. The company was founded in the early 2000s after the dot-com bust when many dot-com companies had to shut shop.

Aniktantra develops cost-effective and reliable IT solutions for enterprises. This unique approach has enabled it to etch its name in the industry. The average experience of the organization is 18 years with the client’s list ranging from local retailers to blue-chip corporates.

As an organization, Aniktantra adheres to the best practices of the project development lifecycle.

Rock Solid Foundation

Since its inception, Aniktantra has kept abreast of the philosophy – ‘Sow today; harvest later.’ By putting effort to maintain ethical client relations, investing in evaluation of latest cutting-edge technologies, and giving value addition to the clients with its services and solutions, the company has become the most preferred IT solution provider.

With its fair share of challenges at the beginning, the company stuck to its philosophy, and today, it is a one-stop destination for innovative IT solutions.

Aniktantra also believes that one size does not fit all and hence, it builds customized solutions. It takes care of seamless integration with the legacy system and provides provisioning channels for future integration as well.

Stellar Leadership

When the Covid19 pandemic hit the country, Mr. Prem Bhatia – Founder & CEO of Aniktantra, took the appropriate measures to keep the company floating. He has more than two decades of experience in the industry and leads the company with strong analytical skills. His unique skill sets enable him to design mission-critical enterprise applications across all verticals, even during such hard times.

“I focus on solution architecture & work as Technology Evangelist to provide right-fix solutions to the client, making optimum use of latest technologies as well as ability to seamlessly transition into upcoming technology platforms,” states Mr. Prem.

By using a 3 ‘C’ approach: Cohesiveness in team, Conflicts at the minimal, and Clarity in communication, he has minimized the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. And now, Mr. Prem is looking to diversify technology offerings to enable clients to have optimum gains from Cloud-based platforms and solutions.

Scalable & Flexible Offerings

Aniktantra develops Mission-critical workflow applications, Intranet application, Enterprise solutions. It gives customized solutions to automate various business processes in an organization.

The Covid19 pandemic has given the company an opportunity to IT enable the Small & Medium Enterprise sector that has always considered IT as a cost center. It is providing SaaS / PaaS based solutions that enable the SMEs to carry on with their business continuity with minimal workforce available. IT-enabled solutions help them share information easily within the workforce, at the same it gives real-time dashboards to the management for effective decision making.

Aniktantra is also expanding and upgrading its services to give futuristic solutions using Blockchain, RPA, AI, and ML tools.

Future Landscape

“In these unusual pandemic times, we have been pragmatic in our approach, being the strategic solution provider for most of our clients, we are maintaining our momentum. We are IT enabling our clients in new areas which were yet un-explored, at the same time we are adding new clients & help them onboard IT super-highway with easy to use & easy on wallet solutions,” asserts Mr. Prem.

As a part of the key management team, Mr. Prem is putting efforts to be the catalyst in adapting change as management is making some strategic decisions to maintain the growth trajectory of the organization.

In the days to come, the company will be enhancing its services and solutions to enable a natural transition with an upward growth trajectory for its clients. It has always been a tactical solution provider for its clients and it will reflect in bottom-line margins.

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