Riddhi Chhabria (All Stars Digital) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

Assisting Brands to Shine Brighter

The paradigm shift that has happened in recent years in the marketing industry is all because of the rise of the digital era. With businesses migrating towards the digital domain, marketing evolved and the results are outstanding. Digital marketing companies have unlocked the untapped potential by constantly reaching a targeted audience with precise and cost-effective ways. This approach has enabled several businesses to leverage their footprint and sales.

All Stars Digital is among such fine agencies that specialize in digital marketing and brand scaling with unparalleled advantages. With its team of experts, the firm solely focuses on providing its customers with top-notched, tailored digital marketing, and brand-building services.

The company aims to produce overwhelming results for its clients and hence, All Stars Digital is a go-to partner for various businesses across the spectrum of the industries.

Stellar Genesis

Immediately after completing her Computer Engineering from Mumbai, Riddhi Chhabria Asrani– Founder & CEO of All Stars Digital, worked at Viacom18. While working at Viacom18, she was intrigued by all the work that underwent at the company. This led her in finding her calling, and afterward, she began pursuing her higher education in the marketing niche.

Graduating from New York University, and equipped with Masters in Integrated Marketing and a double specialization in Brand Management and Digital Marketing, Riddhi had answered her calling.

Her parents were the inspiration behind starting her venture in India as she had enough expertise and had worked directly with Akon’s team to launch his app Emojikon and managing social media accounts of many models including a few Victoria’s Secret Angels.

“It was a great idea. Why not use my expertise in my own country? And, it clicked! With the support of my family I founded my agency, after interviewing more than 100 people, my ideal team was hired and now we proudly call ourselves All Stars Digital,” asserts Riddhi.

Defying All Odds

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the working of every industry. Before the pandemic, All Stars Digital was serving with F&Bs, Travel agencies, Event Planners, Retail stores, which were the first of many to hit by the pandemic. These industries backed out and the company was facing a dire situation.

All Stars Digital then came up with a new strategy and began targeting e-commerce brands. Soon, the firm has turned the tables with its new ways of working and delivering the results.

An Edge over Competitors

“We are an agency that looks at everything differently, gives solutions differently, and makes marketing easier – Differently! We are an agency that provides quick and quirky digital marketing solutions that help brands shine. We are All Stars Digital. Whatever we do we do it with passion. Yes, there are many like us, but every employee has the same vigor and vision that I have. We work for our brands and that’s why we work even harder when they bring different challenges on our plate,” asserts Riddhi.

360-degree Offering

All Stars Digital offers comprehensive digital marketing services under one roof. From digital marketing, SEO, Paid search marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing, to social media advertisement, content marketing, website analysis, e-commerce marketing, and influencer marketing.

The company is also engaged in branding activities like brand establishment, brand awareness campaigns, and rebranding for its clients.

As the coronavirus pandemic is coming under control, All Stars Digital is now stepping into digital PR and affiliate marketing. “Crossing our fingers, we wish to impress and sustain our clients with these two services, and live up to our reputation as we did with the other services,” states Riddhi.

Beyond Covid19

All Stars Digital sailed through rough seas as the coronavirus pandemic came rushing. After several ups and downs, and every employee’s hard work, the agency managed to pull itself out of a tough time without losing a single employee. Riddhi proudly cherishes the support and efforts that her team had to put in such a time.

Now, All Stars Digital is aiming to become a one-stop-shop for every digital marketing requirement. With its new Digital PR initiative, it is also looking to start Programmatic Ads. In the coming two years, the company will a forerunner in the digital marketing niche and assisting every business when it comes to running an Ad on various platforms.

For More Details: https://allstarsdigital.in/