Abheek Dutta (Henson Group) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

Spearheading Licensing Consulting & Servicing for Microsoft

The initiative from Microsoft – Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a global program, highlighting and promoting only the most capable partners. The program is intended to help organizations around the globe identify the top partners. The IT giant has recognized only 32 partners across the world. These partners meet the most stringent standards and hence, they are Azure Expert MSP. By validating their skills, customer success, and possessing an ability to scale next-gen managed service offerings, these partners are the leaders in the initiative.

Among them is Henson Group – a US-based company focused on the deployment of Microsoft technologies for the home country and international market as well. The firm is recognized by Microsoft and its partners; therefore, Henson Group is recommended by them for licensing, consulting, and servicing to corporations of all sizes and shapes.

For its exceptional services spanning over 15 years, Henson Group bagged dozens of awards and has a huge clientele worldwide. The company’s sole belief in innovative technologies is the driving force behinds its success. It also believes such technologies can improve workplace trends and create dynamic environments, empowering the workforce to achieve new heights.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Clients and customers buy the Microsoft products and solutions directly from the company, but afterward, they require assistance That is where Henson Group comes in and takes the mantle to help the clients and customers. This opportunity held a massive potential and Henson Group was able to turn it to its advantage and therefore, opted to become a Cloud ServicPartner.

This was the tipping point and after the decision, the company did not look back ever.

\With such strategies, the company retains an upper hand as it is on the mission to be the best and most trusted cloud solutions partner globally.  It does this by offering hassle-free migrations and world-class support, simple and transparent cloud licensing, reliable and responsive customer service, and on-time/on-budget consulting services.

“The majority of our architects, engineers, and developers are former Microsoft employees, which means we have relationships with Microsoft product groups and executives that give us access to roadmaps and knowledge not generally available to our competitors. Today, we have more than 650 employees and partners servicing hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. From cloud and on-premise support to licensing — the Henson Group consistently delivers world-class results for its clients worldwide,” asserts Mr. Abheek Dutta – Senior Vice President of Henson Group.

The company also employs the following strategies to stay ahead of the curve:

  1. Deliver extraordinary service
  2. Address customer pain points
  3. Focus on a narrow niche
  4. Create a powerful offer or guarantee
  5. Create a memorable culture
  6. Create a cause marketing effort
  7. Become a social business

The Persona behind Transformative Changes

Mr. Abheek began his career at TCS as a software engineer. He has more than a decade and a half of experience under his belt. He has many stints at various managerial positions at giants such as IBM. His unique ability to harness transformative changes is the reason why Henson Group choose him to Lead the technical delivery across the globe for all henson group companies

Mr. Abheek possesses a skill set that is equivalent to the world-class leaders and he puts them to use to sketch an apt business plan, hire and retain a skilled workforce, create a brand appeal, give back to the community, and positive experiences for customers.

“I followed my heart and my gut feeling along with a positive attitude towards life and work. The restlessness within me has got me where I am today.  I found an opportunity to explore the niche technology like cloud computing which is currently leading the IT market,” states Mr. Abheek.

Holistic Offerings

Henson Group offers the following services to clients worldwide:

  1. Licensing for Azure, Office 365, and other cloud products
  2. Azure Migrations from Rackspace and other COLOs
  3. Azure Stack Deployments On-Premises
  4. Azure IaaS migrations to Azure PaaS services
  5. Azure Performance Optimization Assessments
  6. Azure High-Availability Recommendations
  7. Azure Cost Reduction Reviews
  8. Azure Security Audits
  9. Azure Penetration Testing
  10. Azure VM Monitoring
  11. Azure PaaS Monitoring
  12. Other Deployments: Office 365, Intune, EMS, SQL, SQL,

Windows 10, and Hyper-V

  1. Outsourced IT Provider for Backups, Admin Tasks, Patching, etc.
  2. Desktop/Laptop/Mobile End-User Device Support

For More Details: https://www.hensongroup.com/