Ajay Bakshi (Metamorphosis) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

Morphing the HR Consultancy Niche to Enhance Profits via People

Though technologies are advancing at a tremendous pace, businesses around the world still need people. AI and ML are slowly getting implemented but they are still far cry from human capabilities. Therefore, when it comes to people HR plays a vital role. The HR function cannot be overlooked from the point of view of potential as well as the cost and resource. It has immense potential to propel companies and fill the talent gaps in the organization, but at the same time costs a lot and consumes a lot of resources that impact growth and revenue.

As there are several priorities on organizations’ list, they find it difficult to address every need of employees. This is where HR consultancies come in and takes the burden off the shoulders. HR consultancies play a key role in maintaining company’s culture and motivate the workforce.

Metamorphosis Unlimited is among the top HR consultancies in the country. Having a sound understanding of the challenges a company faces, Metamorphosis Unlimited offers unparalleled solutions, addressing every pain point of various organizations across the industries. Metamorphosis Unlimited believes in accurate diagnosis of Leo people issues which drive performance gaps in Organization and individuals perform to potential.

Established in 2016, Metamorphosis Unlimited quickly bridged the gap and poised itself as a thought leader in the industry. It is on a mission to build sustainable organization capabilities by harnessing the potential of Talent Capital through engagement, enablement, and design or deployment of a business-centered HR strategy.

Metamorphosis Unlimited leverages scientific tools and processes like psychometric assessments, business simulations, Competency-based interviews, HR Analytics to diagnose performance gaps and create customized solutions to bridge the gaps, enabling high performance.

Stellar Leadership behind Upscaling of the Company

Leading the company with visionary goals, Mr. Ajay Bakshi – Founder & Managing Director of Metamorphosis Unlimited, is a Senior HR thought leader, Ex CHRO, Board Director, and Business Leader. He has extensive experience in HR, Sales, and Business leadership with an experience of two and a half decades in transforming organizations through people.

“Owing to my experience as CHRO and board director across various multinational and large Indian corporate, I have first-hand experience of the challenges that the companies go through. This is when I realized the need for an opportunity that the companies could use to help drive various organizational transformation initiatives as well as good quality HR initiatives at the same time. With limited choices, most companies had to eventually head to bigger brand names that had extremely high pricing and the quality did not meet the requirement of businesses of all sizes. Determined to overcome these stumbling blocks, I started reaching out to people with strong corporate experience, and eventually, this was not just about the academic knowledge but it was more about on-the-job practical experience that they bought to the table. This was an opportunity where one could leverage this pool of experienced consultants to give value to organizations whether they are multinational corporations or a family-run business or large Indian corporate or even the government sectors. Hence, with the right set of people, we can deploy the right person for the right requirement, and this is what we at Metamorphosis Unlimited are renowned for,” asserts Mr. Ajay.

Dynamic Entrepreneur

Mr. Ajay has played key roles and has stints with the world giants such as Vodafone Global Services (India), Prudential Global Services India, and Sterlite Technologies and Power. It was at Sterlite where he was introduced to transformative initiatives like ESOPs, Balance Score Card as a strategic level, and Performance Management initiative, Organization restructuring.

He implemented these ideas to drive productivity and efficiency to manage top talent programs and leadership development programs by tying-up with leading institutes like IIM-Ahmadabad, Bangalore, and IIT-Mumbai.

His rigorous efforts were recognized by several organizations and hence, he was bestowed with the following awards:

  1. Best Global HR strategy recognized by Business World for Vodafone Global Services India
  2. Dream companies to work for (Ranked number 11) Times of India Ascent for Vodafone Global Services India
  3. HR leadership awards from Business world and Economic Times
  4. CHRO of the year from India Human Capital Summit
  5. He has been recognized as top 100 Influential HR leaders in the Asia Pacific HRM
  6. Metamorphosis Unlimited has been awarded as the best consulting company of the year MSME sector in 2020 award by Times 2 Leap and presented by Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi ,Minister of State Government of India for MSME ,Animal Husbandry,dairying ,Fisheries
  7. Metamorphosis Unlimited has received an award for excellence in the field of Human Resource management and Higher Education and Human Resource conclave in 2017,2018 by Elets and Ministry of Higher education Government of Rajasthan
  8. Metamorphosis Unlimited has been awarded 10 most promising consulting forms by Consulting review magazine 2020

Steering the Company in New Direction

Under the leadership of Mr. Ajay, Metamorphosis is expanding its footprint overseas as well. Its outstanding performances assure international organizations of its capabilities and hence, the company is being warmly welcomed by the global market.

The company has already started delivering its services in the UK and South Africa in multiple locations as it has already worked with MNC clients, Indian corporate houses, Business & corporate heads, Government sector to drive performance and people capabilities.

For More Details: http://www.metaunlimited.in/