Anant Pandirkar (Emirates Logistics India) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

Bringing Value to Customers Across Globe with Comprehensive Logistics Solutions

People in the logistics industry are called the movers and shakers of the world. Because of its rigorous efforts, goods reach corners of the world. With a wide network, mass movement, distribution, storage, transportation, manpower the industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Changing business dynamics, rising customer expectations and new technologies are the driving force behind the industry’s innovative approach and rapid expansion.

Leading from the forefront with innovative ideas, Emirates Logistics India a group company of Sharaf Group, Dubai is leading the way in offering reliable & trustworthy shipping solutions. Headquartered in Dubai, the company has its presence with own offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya, Malaysia, Egypt & Morocco and a very vast group network worldwide.

In India, Emirates Logistics has 17 branches offering freight forwarding & logistics solutions & 14 locations serving 3PL & Supply Chain facilities along with 84 group offices. Together with many divisions, the company is operating and servicing a vast customer base across industry verticals. The company is seen as a leader in the logistics sector because of its unique objective which is to bring value to its customers through its comprehensive Logistics capabilities, but still, be flexible to provide customized solutions to each customer to meet their unique business needs.

Emirates Logistics is a pioneer in providing Freight and Logistics solutions.

Propelling Company to New Heights

Mr. Anant Pandirkar – a passionate personality about logistics and shipping, who is delivering integrated logistics solutions to the customers is taking the company to new heights in India. His efforts are geared towards accomplishing all the functions of logistics verticals, giving exemplary services to customers, and offering utmost satisfaction to all employees. His leadership style is based on a united front as he believes in inclusive growth & togetherness.

“India is a huge economy with a big coastline. The scope of logistics has increased over the years and opportunities are increasing day by day. Having a presence across many cities of India and also working with a group that has offices all across the globe gives the organization a multi-culture dimension. There is a good amount of employee engagement, inter-department coordination and hence inclusiveness is a key area of our operations,” asserts Mr. Anant. This has empowered him to under-commit and over-deliver and hence, he is driving the growth of the company in India.

Emirates Logistics India has centralized its operations by having functions of Finance, HR, Administration, Information Technology and a state-of-the-art back-office in HO which help the organization and its branches to be more focused on business generation.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

“During one of the project shipments taken for Tanzania, after discharge & custom formalities were done while in-transit came to know the road which leads to the site is not in proper condition. We had to hire road contractors to make a temporary road arrangement which was not part of our logistics scope, but we ensured the cargo reached the consignee’s place safely. The consignment consisted of transformers and the stability of the cargo was at stake. This incident made us confident in providing real-time logistics solutions even in Africa. With Groups presence in 28 African countries it was possible to cover 1500 kms for inland destination. Groups expertise and huge network in Africa allows us to handle any interior and Trunkey projects with DDP/DDU.  If we could do this in Africa, we can do it anywhere in the world,” states Mr. Anant.

\With such innovative approaches, Mr. Anant spearheads various operations. Another example of his passionate leadership can be taken from Afghanistan’s shipments. When lack of infrastructure, expertise, and experience in this territory was refraining the company to venture, he traveled to Afghanistan personally and met partners, and oversaw the whole operation. With a duty-first attitude, he inspires confidence in both employees and clients.

Unparalleled Leadership

Mr. Anant describes himself as a learner and hence, his leadership style is inclusive of people and clients. He is a keen observer, listener, and has a minute eye for detailing. In doing so, he also identifies and encourages leadership in individuals thereby empowering the company as a whole. His visionary approach has ensured that there will be leaders at all levels. Mr. Anant has already secured Emirates Logistics India’s future.

Retaining an Upper Hand

“We follow strict credit policy & all shipments are scrutinized with necessary documentary evidence. Our emphasis on compliance is of very high level. All necessary statutory & regulatory adherences are given utmost importance & there is no deviation. Our client selection is done with an utmost emphasis on line of business, nature of cargo, the scope of work, and the same goes for our vendors,” claims Mr. Anant.

Under his leadership, Emirates Logistics India has become a one-stop logistics and shipping solution for partners and clients.

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