Arshdeep Sethi (RMZ Corp) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

Building the space of tomorrow, today.  

The Indian real estate industry is growing exponentially - powered by the rapid economic growth  the country is witnessing. Despite the global pandemic, we see an increasing demand for  commercial office spaces, not to mention residential, retail and warehousing spaces.

Economists predict that by 2025 the contribution of real estate in the country's GDP will rise to  13%. The industry is estimated to be worth US$ 1 trillion by 2030. This exceptional growth rate is  attracting and will continue attracting global capital into the country.

Real estate has, thus far, mostly been untouched by technological disruptions, which, in other  industries, have brought about massive, transformative changes. However, the situation is  changing rapidly! The number of startups catering exclusively to the real estate industry is  increasing manifold - from lease management software to complete operational transformations.  And RE companies, especially the dynamic ones such as RMZ Corp, are adopting or experimenting  with them on an unprecedented scale.

RMZ Corp is the country’s largest privately-owned real estate owner, investor, and developer. Our  massive transformative purpose is to disrupt the way people view work. Our deeply-unifying  purpose is to build smart, engaged and quantified communities by leveraging our integrated digital  platform. Expanding swiftly over the past 18 years, we own 67 million square feet of real assets  spread over six Indian cities, valued at US$10 billion. These spaces are home to over 200  enterprise customers. We have embarked upon a hyper-growth trajectory, which leverages  exponential technologies to build a 1 Million member quantified community with over 800  enterprise customers across real assets over 85 million square feet valued at over US$15 billion.

Armed with cutting-edge technology, innovation, and smart design, RMZ stands on the threshold  of the future of space.

Propelling the Organization to New Heights  

RMZ Corp is governed by an Executive Board, of which Arshdeep is one of the key members. As a  Managing Director, Arshdeep is in charge of defining the company's growth strategy and  strategic vision and implementing it. Furthermore, he also leads the fund-raising efforts for RMZ  Corp and has raised over USD 1 billion in foreign direct equity investment (FDI) from global  investors such as the Qatar Investment Authority, Mitsui Fudosan, Barings Private Equity Partners India, AIG, Wachovia, and others.

Recently, RMZ Corp and Brookfield concluded the largest transaction in the history of real estate in India when RMZ Corp divested a part of its portfolio to Brookfield for US$ 2 billion. Arshdeep was  at the helm of the transaction and led it for RMZ, and has helped RMZ achieve its aim of becoming  a zero net-debt company.

As Arshdeep states, “RMZ Corp operates at the highest levels of professionalism and holds itself  up to the highest standards of corporate governance while still being privately held. I and rest of  the Executive Board chart the way ahead keeping our entrepreneurship hats on. We always seek to

build connections that lead to win-win solutions while leveraging our unique technological and  other capabilities."

Dynamic Persona 

Arshdeep plays a pivotal role in defining, shaping and implementing the strategic vision of the organization. With over 25 years of extensive experience managing businesses, Arshdeep has held  strategic positions in various industries including Real Estate, Telecom/Infrastructure, and  Insurance. During his career, Arshdeep has held key leadership positions at Bharti Enterprises, Max New York Life, Punj Lloyd, and Colliers International.

He currently spearheads the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) team and has been the driving force for  all joint ventures and strategic alliances at RMZ Corp. While his efforts are for RMZ Corp, their  implications are much more comprehensive and showcase brand India in a positive light globally,  particularly in the investor community.

Scaling the Challenges 

In Arshdeep's words, "Challenges motivate me, make me push myself to find a solution. In the  early 2000s, selling the India story was, to put it mildly, tough. However, we believed it and are  proven right with every passing day and year. Slowly but surely the government and other agencies  are bringing in reforms that are cutting the proverbial red tape to shreds. We have seen a massive  transformation in the country's infrastructure and have seen it rise in the rankings for ease of  doing business. We have shown the best of global investors that India is a great place to do  business. RMZ Corp has, on its part, given outstanding returns to its financial partners time and  again and am quite elated to say that I have played my role in it."

"Recently we have been faced with the COVID19 pandemic which is still rearing its head. RMZ Corp  embarked on a comprehensive health and safety programme for all its properties to ensure the  safety and well-being of the people working out of our properties. The efforts resulted in RMZ Corp  being the first company in the world to get the coveted WELL Health-Safety rating for Facility  Operations and Management, a matter of great pride for the hard work and efforts of team RMZ."

The Landscape Ahead 

The world is transforming. And to keep up with it so is RMZ Corp. Leaders like Arshdeep are  making sure that the company and the industry are scaling new heights as India progresses.  Arshdeep is presently leading RMZ Corp's endeavour to digitally-transform itself into a company of  the 21st century via sustained digital insurgency and capacity development that provides excellence in delivery. The entire effort will be data-driven and shall focus ultimately on creating connected buildings, best-in-class member experience and outstanding shareholder value. The  ultimate aim is to drive growth while at the same time safeguarding the future and creating growth platforms that provide the best experiences for our members.

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