Filip B. Keuppens (The Pickle Juice Company) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Achiever Companies to watch in 2021

Scientifically Proven and USDA Organic Certified to Prevent Muscle Cramps

Evolving All The Way Through

 Founded in 2001, The Pickle Juice Company evolved from replenishing the electrolytes that are lost during the strenuous workouts to a scientifically backed formula that is proven to stop and prevent muscle cramps. For the first 15 years of the company’s existence, the focus was on product refinement, exclusive targeted distribution to elite sports teams and limited regional retail distribution.

2015 saw a complete brand relaunch that resulted in the company acquiring more than 10,000 points of retail distribution in The United States, offices in Australia and South Africa and distribution partners in Canada and New Zealand. Plans to launch several new product lines, expansion to Europa and other areas of the Pan Pacific are on the docket for 2021. In addition to rapid retail growth, the Pickle Juice Company’s mission based approach to traditional CPG business has found them working with over 300 non-profit charity events annually and a team of 100 brand ambassadors that help spread the word around the globe.

Product Line

The Pickle Juice Company was built on its two flagship products; Extra Strength and Original Sport Formulas. Pickle Juice is available in everything from a 2.5 oz shot to a 5 gallon bag in box and just about everything in between. The extra strength formula provides 15x more electrolytes than other sports drinks available in the market and the Sport formula offers 10x more electrolytes than other sports drinks. It is the first USDA Organic, purpose-built Isotonic Sports drink and the only product in the world scientifically proven to stop and prevent muscle cramps. The Pickle juice Company is currently implementing it’s knowledge of hyper functional beverages to launch a CBD product that will be stronger than just about anything in the market at a much more consumer friendly price as well as a nitrate based product that is designed to increase VO2 Max.

Exemplified Leader

Currently serving as the Vice President of Pickle Juice is a name familiar to many in the CPG and experiential marketing spaces; Filip Keuppens. Joining the company in 2015, Keuppens helped to develop the re-branding strategy of the company a tweak the formula to be more appealing to their target demographic. Born in Belgium, raised on the U.S. East Coast, his experience as a competitive athlete in skiing and rugby, U.S. Army soldier, and non-profit board service coupled with his history working with several large corporations help mold his unique go to market strategy that is being replicated by many progressive product companies around the world.

Keuppens believes in a servant leadership model and a culture that is built on working towards the whole rather than the individual. The idea of “rising tides raise all ships” is evident in how he manages, lives, leads and mentors those around him. When asked where this idea came from, Keuppens said “Individualistic behavior and egos are relatively quickly identified and snuffed out in our organization. Everyone here genuinely believes in what we are trying to accomplish and sees the vision. I believe it’s unfair to ask people to buy in and make the sacrifices that they do for the organization if I’m not willing to do the same myself or ensure that everyone is singing from the same sheet of music.”

 Standing Unique

The Pickle Juice Company’s strategy is a unique combination of traditional CPG elements, experiential elements and Mission-based elements. They’ve developed a model they call “product discovery” which aims to put the product in the hands of prospective consumers at the moment they need it most. To achieve this, the Pickle Juice Company partners with numerous endurance in the cycling, obstacle course racing and ultra-running spaces. In addition to the product discovery model of building awareness, they work enthusiastically to bridge the gender pay gap in sports and believe in genuine and organic brand awareness building by avoiding paid media campaigns opting instead for organic word of mouth testimonials from users or editorial reviews.

Vision and the Team

The Pickle Juice Company encourages transparency. They believe in inviting inspection, empowering employees to have a voice and creating a culture to pursue success. Everyone in the company shares a vision, has a voice and works towards the same goal. All products are manufactured in their 100,000 square foot Mesquite, TX production facility using locally sourced ingredients and component parts. Their products are USDA Organic and OU Kosher certified and the company isn’t shy about inviting quality control inspections periodically.

When asked about the values Filip said, “Be honest, be demanding but fair and treat people the way that you would like to be treated. As Harry S. Truman once said: “You can accomplish anything as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.”

The Pickle Juice Company follows the traditional company hierarchy but empowers each employee to have voice and share ideas in all aspects of the company’s growth. They strive to create a culture of collaboration, result based initiative and personal accountability. They believe that when failures occur, they should be used as learning tools and pathways to success rather than be justified.

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