Keshav Tripathy & Biraja Prasad Nath (Nirmalya Labs Private Limited) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Achiever Companies to watch in 2021

Personalized IT Services to Innovate & Transform Processes

The IT industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. The latest technology is pushing its boundaries. Organizations are constantly on lookout to implement new technology in their system to take advantage of and become leaders in their respective niches. Companies want seamless integration and deployment without hindering their working process. They also want the ease of use so that their teams can learn the software without any hassle.

Nirmalya Labs, with its innovative approach towards development, implementation, and integration, is leading the way for several organizations. The company focuses on elevating customer satisfaction and hence builds solutions that not only simplify the processes but also are easy to incorporate.

For its fresh take on solution development and deployment, Nirmalya Labs has been awarded numerous prestigious accolades and recognitions.

Stellar Leadership behind the Company’s Success

At the helm of the firm are Mr. Biraja Prasad Nath – Chairman, and Mr. Keshav Tripathy – Chief Executive Officer of Nirmalya Labs. The duo came together to establish a company of their own in 2017 and since then, they have not looked back. started with 5 employees, their combined efforts came to fruition, and now Nirmalya Labs has more than 50 employees.

Mr. Biraja has over two and a half decades of experience in product engineering & consulting. He has worked with giants like PSC, IBM Labs, Credit Suisse, Alltel, Satyam, and Tata Steel. Before Nirmalya Labs, he was the Director of Progress Software Corporation, India. Mr. Biraja is an alumnus of NIT, Jamshedpur.

Mr. Keshav has over three decades of industry and consulting experience in the domains of Manufacturing, Logistics, Credit Card, Port Operations, Insurance, etc. He has worked with giants like NIC, Tata Steel, Satyam, GE, IBM, etc. He is an alumnus of NIT, Rourkela.

Shaping the Journey

The two founders knew each other well over 20 years as both had served in Satyam together. After getting inspired to start something of their own, they came together and established Nirmalya Labs. They wanted to do experiments and innovate, their prime source of inspiration, and Nirmalya Labs saw the light of the day.

The duo explains their journey just like a roller coaster. In November 2019, the company started working on Enterprise Application, Testing, and Finance & Accounting services. It has expanded its services from association with the Government to enterprises and corporate clients.

Sailing through the Pandemic

“Due to corona, like others, our goals are also derailed and we lost 8 months. However, we are optimistic, we will achieve our road-map and goals in early next year. We have recruited more than 20 engineers through campus and off-campus this year and the best part, when other companies lay off people, we have hired and also given salary hikes to our employees,” asserts the founders.

Optimistically, Nirmalya Labs is looking at 2021 to bring lots of positivity for all so that the whole world would breathe freely.

Unparalleled IT Solutions

Nirmalya Labs’ key services include Product Engineering, Enterprise Application, and Finance & Accounting Services. Considering the volatile dynamics of a global economic system, every organization needs cost-effective, robust, secure, and hassle-free services. All of its products are SaaS-based and therefore, clients are using them on a subscription basis instead of spending lots of money for development, deployment, and maintenance.

This unique approach has enabled Nirmalya Labs to become a leader in the niche. Its products have been incorporated and implemented by clients from different parts of the world.

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