Manish Kumar (Scala) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

Movers & Shakers of Global Marketing Technology

 Like a living entity, marketing is constantly evolving. The pace of evolution has accelerated in recent years, thanks to the introduction of leading edge technologies. Such unprecedented changes have never been witnessed by the marketing industry. The paradigm shift has made big waves in the sector. As the world is getting increasingly tech-savvy, organizations are actively seeking innovations to reinvent their marketing strategies and stay at the forefront.

Among such innovators is STRATACACHE -  a company that offers unique and intelligent digital signage, digital merchandising, mobile enablement and customer engagement solutions.  A leader in the digital signage industry, STRATACACHE constantly pushes the envelope of innovation and delivers state-of-the-art solutions to transform the customer experience, influence behaviour and ultimately drive sales.

STRATACACHE is a retail technology expert, customer experience strategist and innovation partner, trusted by the world’s biggest brands. It delivers interactive solutions, smarter signage, and customer insights through advertising technology and digital media. All its solutions are secure, scalable, and easy to deploy.

STRATACACHE has its global headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. In Asia-Pacific, there are 8 offices, two warehouses, a factory and a customer experience centre to serve the fast-growing region. Its worldwide network of partners and developers drive over 3.1 million software activations and 1.9 million fully managed digital signs for customers in more than 100 countries.

Propelling STRATACACHE to New Heights

Mr. Manish Kumar – Managing Director of STRATACACHE (APAC), helms the Asia-Pacific operations of the company since April 2018. Mr. Manish is tasked to oversee sales, services, and support activities across the STRATACACHE brands, aligning operations with region-specific needs in the digital media/marketing technology market. He concurrently holds the position of Vice President, Investments Asia-Pacific at STRATACACHE Capital, helping to lead deal discovery and investment on a global scale.

A visionary, innovative, and dynamic leader, he has been instrumental in establishing STRATACACHE in APAC and fortifying the brand as the global leader in the digital signage industry. His swiftness in identifying key growth markets/verticals was the prime reason behind the company’s unparalleled success in APAC. He is currently spearheading country-specific go-to-market strategies to elevate brand awareness and extend the brand footprint in APAC.

With an exclusive focus on results instead of standing out, Mr. Manish leads the company in such a way that building a brand comes prior to being in the limelight. He ensures that the team is always empowered and the delegation is at the right levels. He also ensures that a positive, nurturing, and inspiring culture is instilled within the organization and everyone looks forward to going to work every day.


Possessing a Masters of Project Management and Masters of Technology Management from the Australian National University, coupled with an MBA in Marketing, Mr. Manish has an accomplished career in technology, strategic acquisitions, and global business. Before taking the mantle at STRATACACHE, he was Vice President at an established web security solutions company, where he identified channels and opportunities in each market segment.

Dynamic Leader Making a Difference

When the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in the business world, many businesses were forced to change strategies to overcome the challenge. As a business leader, Mr. Manish recognised the impending crisis and began working on an improvised strategy to mount the response by redesigning the company's solution offerings and adjusting its business roadmap to ensure that it remains relevant in the new normal.

“It gives me great pride to note that  STRATACACHE APAC has emerged from the pandemic much stronger than before - both in terms of business and cultural resilience. STRATACACHE has experienced steady growth across APAC and made extraordinary progress amidst a challenging global economy. We will continue to leverage our strengths and optimise our portfolio to suit the evolving needs of the market," says Mr Manish. This meant putting in place a new operating model built around the customers and supported by robust processes.

A year later, Mr. Manish is heartened to claim that STRATACACHE APAC has made significant progress and has launched new innovative solutions and products to cater to the new normal.

Revolutionising Digital Transformation

Under the leadership of  Mr. Manish, STRATACACHE APAC will continue to revolutionise digital transformation and drive growth by enhancing its solution offering, strengthening brand presence, increasing sales, and expanding strategic partnerships.

STRATACACHE is currently building a new MicroLED factory in Eugene, Oregon to make next generation displays for retail experiences including curved, transparent and ultra-low power interactive display devices. In the future, STRATACACHE envisions building a MicroLED factory in India as well to enable the growth of high performance displays for use across dozens of industry segments emerging in the Indian marketplace.

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