Mohamed Saieed (Potensia Systems) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

Offering Bespoken World-class Technology Solutions to the Global Market

Organizations have migrated or are migrating to IT infrastructure thanks to the boost in the effectiveness of processes and operations. Streamlined IT infrastructure is the backbone of today’s firms. Therefore, increasing the lifecycle of hardware and keeping all software applications updated has become of utmost importance. Regular updates and rigorous maintenance are essential for maintaining a positive and healthy business process management.

Precisely for this purpose, Potensia Systems is recognized in the global market. The company is a go-to partner that keeps supporting organizations even after implementation. It is a company that is committed to keep standing by its clients for the long run.

Potensia Systems became to serve the universe via technology for a better life. The company believes people with faith and trust can deliver as everyone has a potential purpose in life. It also believes in work together to morph the lives of people and hence, sticking to the same goal is challenging as human factors come into play. Potensia Systems, however, cultivates and nurtures habits essential for the long run.

The Face Behind Exceptional Leadership

Mr. Mohamed Saieed – Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer of Potensia Systems, Co-founder of Teqneia, and Board member at Hove Institute, is at the helm of the company. He possesses an attitude of never giving up and this has translated into persistence that truly turned him into an extraordinary persona.

With an exclusive eye on the details, Mr. Saieed looks at the finest and most minute issues. The habit has ensured success as he believes ignoring the details is way to disaster and things start to get out of hand. If such a scenario occurs, success can all but be forgotten. Another exceptional quality Mr. Saieed has is his perception of failure. He looks at it as stepping stones and also a huge opportunity to learn lessons so that he could avoid similar mistakes in the future.

An ambitious person, Mr. Saieed always takes initiative and appreciate the efforts of others. With these core values, he leads the company to the path of success.

“Things don’t happen overnight. Values need to be developed and fostered; they need to be cultivated and nurtured.  We can’t pick them up and drop them at a whim or because we get bored or sidetracked by some distraction,” states Mr. Saieed.

Scaling the Challenges

When the Covid19 pandemic hit the world, everything was thrown into chaos. Mr. Saieed too had a fair share of troubles and challenges. Again, his perspective about the situation played a key role in determining the future of the company. He is not only remarkably tackling the challenges of the pandemic, but also delivering his clients with excellent IT solutions.

“Whether to start a business is a decision I must make. There’s another thing I get to decide: what that business does and how can we provide the best with high compaction. One reason to start a business is so that your job can be something that thrills you. Most people would love to have work that centers on something they care deeply about. It’s time to break out of your passion. Let’s get real: not everything you enjoy could make a business that makes money. Watching a football match will never pay us money,” asserts Mr. Saieed.

Despite all the challenges, the most troublesome according to Mr. Saieed is finding the right people. It is difficult to align people with the company’s vision and making them understand the current situation.

Background of the Leader

Mr. Saieed has completed his education in Computer Science at Swansea University, and later to add to the skillset he pursued an MBA. Been nominated on multiple occasions for the Top tech leaders and Entrepreneurs, he brings innovative ideas to the table.

The Future after Covid19

Life after COVID19 has been changed so much. Adapting to a new life needs more flexibility to cope with the new changes. Human interactions have been less; online zoom meetings, virtual training, and event are the trend now.

Potensia Systems is standing up for the updates and changing its internal strategy and communication with its clients to serve them best.

With these strategies, the company is differentiating and building its own identity.

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