Priti Agarwal (Billabong High International School Kanpur) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Dynamic Leaders to Watch in 2021

“Only Those Who Attempt The Absurd Can Achieve The Impossible."

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”  As quoted by Albert Einstein fairly advocates the eternal value of education and learning. The Nobel awardee and visionary physicist, widely recognized for devising the theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of space, time, gravity, and the universe has reiterated the power of knowledge that might bring peace and progress.

India has a classical history of education for ages. It traces back to the before Christ era of the ancient Gurukul learning system. Later, with British rule in India, education was widely spread with the availability of schools in most of the villages, during the late 18th century.

Unarguably, formal education can make a person literate but knowledge imparted with values empowers the human mind to transform the world into a better place to live with pride.

We have around 19,316 CBSE affiliated schools in India, which are three times more schools than in China. But how many of them are truly capable of shaping the young minds and make them prepared for the future?

Well, Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School, Kanpur is one of those few schools that has been founded with a vision to offer a whole new and exciting, encouraging and the challenging environment of learning advancements.

The profound leader and Futuristic Founder:

A lawyer by profession, passionate entrepreneur and keen learner Priti Agarwal is a woman with substance who always strives to accomplish a greater purpose in life. Being the first woman to trade on the floor of the UP Stock Exchange (Kanpur), she has also proved her metal managing both her family’s business and legal affairs successfully.

As a doting mother of a young daughter, she was managed to enroll her little one in a preschool where a child can enjoy learning and growing happily! She was really impressed with the teaching model and contented to choose Kangaroo Kids School for her daughter.

The concept of a preschool offering all-round and smart growth for pre-schooling children was quite new then, but Priti was determined to bring forth an absolute change in the arena of education with the inception of the first franchise of Kangaroo Kids in Kanpur. She went on to expand the franchise developing new infrastructure and expanding the school to two new campuses in the city getting  wonderful and abundant response from parents.

Priti has also joined the UCAS and is a part of the Global Career network of UCLA, It is only this year that she has commenced the RULER (Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, expressing and regulating emotions) Programme in the School in association with Yale & Billabong Kanpur. It has been acknowledged as an SEL School, integrating Social & emotional intelligence into their School.

Affiliated with Cambridge CAIE, the school has emerged as one of the finest and reputed schools in North India and the UP region.

Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School brings a Paradigm Shift in the education sector that changed the perspective of the conventional learning process.

The School:

Education brings an enlightened spirit, empowering characters, and enhancing knowledge and skills. The serene and huge campus of Billabong High International School has a distinct set of classrooms with grand open spaces where students can speak their minds through creativity and sharpen the much needed soft- skills for life.

Emotional, intellectual, and social development is crucial to attaining for young minds. It is smoothly done along with arranging many events that are offered in sports, music, drama, debating, community service, and other forms of civic engagement.

The senior school delivers its students an option of a national board choice of CBSE along with an International Cambridge - IGCSE & A levels.

Futuristic approach to overcome every challenge :

Education should be inclusive and everyone can excel in academics, is what Priti and the teachers at  Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School truly believe in.

A well-researched and precisely planned KKEL curriculum that engages students and leads to outstanding outcomes in learning and VARK system of learning to progress from Lower - order thinking skills to Higher-order thinking. The lessons are based on multiple intelligences to engage the students pro-actively.

The School organizes a series of presentations and workshops with parents and students to discuss issues regarding internet safety, emotional intelligence, and dealing with the exam and any other adolescent stress students may have dealing with.

Empowering the weaker and deprived sections of society is everyone's prime duty as a sensible human being and responsible civilian. The school inspires its students to be committed to society through regular visits to Shishu Bhawan and specially-abled children organizations to volunteer and engage.

The school is Creating National and International Academic Platforms of Learning and excellence by hosting the following:

  1. Cross over Faculty visits are arranged by Top Schools in the world like Westminster and Highgate based in London.
  2. Vocational Education
  3. Career Counselling for Higher Education
  4. Worlds Scholar Cups
  5. Worlds School Debate and Coaching Workshop
  6. Open day
  7. TED talks etc.

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