Sharmila Amin (Globe Forwarding) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021

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The logistics industry is playing a vital role by enabling quick shipments through the transportation network, with the rapid adoption of new technology. The current generation expects their shipments and packages to arrive as fast as possible, with the most sophisticated tracking systems. The logistics niche has taken note of this fact and hence, the world is witnessing a sudden growth in infrastructure and integration of technology.

Globe is at the forefront of the integration of technology and logistical operations to deliver the best results; we are paving the way to the summit. It is a dynamic performance-driven company providing skilled services in logistics and shipping. Its proactive and innovative approach has helped to deliver tailored logistics and shipping solutions to major clients in the oil & gas, energy, and mining sectors in the most distant and challenging regions worldwide.

Globe is renowned for its undisputed performance, and we push the boundaries in terms of service delivery to our clients. This approach has resulted in building deep long-term relationships with our clients and core supplier partners. Via this approach that the company achieves the level of understanding, openness, and collaboration necessary to develop the right solutions to the most challenging issues.

Setting an Example for all Women in Male-Dominated Industry

Dr. Sharmila Amin – Chairperson & Member Board of Globe Forwarding Agencies, is setting an example for all women. The logistics and shipping industry is dominated by male figures but this did not deter Dr. Sharmila from becoming an exemplary leader in the sector. Having broken the glass ceiling she is enabling other women in the field, an industry leader with more than three decades of experience she continues to blaze a path in the global logistics industry 30 years after her initial foray into it.

 Dynamic Persona

Dr. Sharmila Amin began her career with the renowned firm AFL Pvt. Ltd. after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce – with a major in Financial Audit. She handled different responsibilities in the many departments at the company enabling her to grasp a vast amount of knowledge about the logistics and freight industry. After a long successful stint at AFL, she went on to become a part of the Managing Committee at CRC Limited, post which she was tasked with becoming the head of Panalpina’s – Projects Div. (Pan Projects) Oil and Gas logistics business for South Asia.

For the last 30 years, Dr. Sharmila has executed several projects in the power generation, petrochemical, fertilizer, automobile, oil & gas, and other core industry sectors. Dr. Sharmila has pioneered the role of women in the logistics business and is considered to be one of the most successful personalities in the industry. She serves on the boards of multiple companies, the most prominent being HOEC (Hindustan Oil Exploration Company). With her in-depth insights and specialized experience in projects and Oil & Gas logistics business, she currently heads Bertling Logistics (I) Pvt. Ltd. and is spearheading Global Forwarding Agencies operations.

A Woman on Mission

Dr. Sharmila Amin’s work ethic, commitment to the job, discipline both professional and personal, and a thirst for knowledge have always helped her achieve and exceed expectations and goals. Opening the doors for women at the highest levels in the logistics business was a long-standing goal and slowly but steadily she has managed to reach it and help mentor fellow women in the logistics business.

Taking the Leap & Making a Difference

Whenever an opportunity has presented itself, Dr. Sharmila did not shy away from it. She took the path less traveled by women traditionally and took on the challenge. The thrill of executing a large project and the satisfaction of the clients concerned continued to motivate her to take on bigger and more complex projects. As she progressed, her accolades grew and her name made headlines.

Turning the Tables Around

Dr. Sharmila joined Global Forwarding Agencies in 2014. The task in front of her was enormous as the company was debt-ridden and not performing well. She took the mantle and put the company back on its feet. Her exemplary transparency and ethics with employees, clients, and competitors have won her the respect and appreciation from all quarters.

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