Sonica Aron (MarchingSheep) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Dynamic Leaders to Watch in 2021

“Crafters of Customized & Contextualized HR Solutions”

HR industry in India is becoming a hub for top talent. With a young and dynamic population joining in, it is not surprising that HR firms in the country are building a workforce for the future. The industry is modernizing the HR processes and aligning its capabilities to address the  modern-day challenges.

Today’s HR industry is leveraging technology and refining its services to address all the present-day needs. With innovative and fresh approaches, the market is poised to touch USD 3.6 billion by the end of this year.

Envisioning a huge potential in the HR industry, Ms. Sonica Aron – the Managing Director & Founder of Marching Sheep, founded the firm in 2013. She began with an intention to roll out interventions that truly made a difference to organizations and people’s lives and careers. She also intended to help businesses by enhancing their business strategies and performance by providing a diverse, capable and resilient workforce.

By designing and curating customized and contextualized solutions for each client, Marching Sheep is a leading HR firm in the country today.

Stellar Entrepreneurship

Ms. Sonica embarked on her entrepreneurial journey as a one-woman army. Before establishing her own firm, she has a number of stints in some renowned companies like Pepsico, Vodafone, Roche Diagnostics, ICI paints, etc. The inspiration to set out on her own path came from her first job when she was in Pepsico. In the company, she was a part of the team that launched Pepsi 200 ml at Rs. 5 and it was around this period she developed a sound understanding of business.

An XLRI postgraduate, Ms. Sonica was the first lady HR Manager stationed at a factory in Upcountry UP and there the seeds to her diversity practice were born.

When was undertaking a role in Philips Consumer Lifestyle in 2012, she decided to take a break from the corporate world and established Marching Sheep in the following year. Marching Sheep specializes in Strategic HR advisory, Diversity and inclusion interventions, and capability building.

For extraordinary leadership, Ms. Sonica has been listed among the top 10 women entrepreneurs by Forbes India, top 10 visionary business Leaders by The Entrepreneur World, and among the top 100 digital influencers by YourStory. Under her Leadership, today Marching Sheep is among the top 25 firms in India by Business Connect and the top 10 in NCR by Silicon India.

Setting Higher Benchmarks

Under the leadership of Ms. Sonica, Marching Sheep has reached where it has because of its solution-oriented approach that helps  clients implement the right solutions to their articulated needs, as well as support in implementation as all of its assignments are KPI linked and ROI driven.

Marching Sheep is a go-to partner and trusted advisor for several organizations. It helps clients by solving their business problems and drive profitability and productivity through streamlined and customized HR processes. The firm’s high-impact talent development interventions, effective diversity, and inclusion programs are among the top-notch, highly sought-after programs in the country.

Marching Sheep team are not just a trainers or facilitators but HR professionals, having extensive industry experience. Clients recognize the company for its passion for contributing to their  growth. This is one of the prime reasons why enterprises seek Marching Sheep services.

Soaring Through The Covid19 Crisis

The Covid19 pandemic threw the world off its feet. Marching Sheep too had its fair share of problems and challenges. When the lockdown was introduced, all its interventions were canceled.

“We were down, but not beaten. The team demonstrated extreme resilience and presence of mind. The question we asked ourselves- what is it that industry needs at this moment?” says Ms. Sonica.

She along with her team came up following way forward:

  1. Pulse surveys to gather insights on what the industry needed
  2. 1-2-1 Industry leaders’ engagements
  3. Panel discussions for community learning and awareness
  4. New content curation to help business continuity in VUCA 2.0
  5. Getting trained on virtual facilitation

“We also realized that the industry too was going through their own pain, and pushing clients for engagements would not work. So we spent all our energies on building awareness about topics of relevance for the industry, and relationship building. And over a period of time, as the situation improved, the inflow of work for us improved too,” she asserts.

By instilling integrity, perseverance, client orientation, and responsiveness Ms. Sonica kept the morale high in the team in the time of crisis and sailed through the tough times.

A Dynamic Leader

A mother of two, Kabir and Ira, Ms. Sonica considers Marching Sheep her third child and is extremely passionate about what the company delivers. With zeal and passion, she is always pushing the boundaries to propel her company to new heights.

“As a consulting organization, we have to evolve with the evolving times. During the pandemic, we have conducted extensive industry engagement and come up with a multitude of curated interventions specific to client needs. As we step in 2021, we are excited about what the year holds for us, new opportunities, new assignments, new challenges, new learnings” states Ms. Sonica.

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