Arvind Kapur (Acsen HyVeg) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2021

Providing Unparalleled Genetics to Transform Farming Community

India being agriculture based economy needs several transformations in agricultural policies and operations. Since agriculture is dependent upon quality of seed, it is an important consideration for both companies and farmers as production and productivity capacity is concerned. Companies providing high-quality seeds at an affordable price range which are highly sought-after in all the agriculture crops. Farmers prefer those organizations which offer high-quality seeds that not only give higher productivity but also offer high resistance to diseases and ever-changing weather conditions.

Understanding the importance of seed, Acsen Hyveg – under the aegis of well-known brand Rasi Seeds Group – was established in 2009. Within a few years of its inception, Hyveg established itself as a reputed brand in a short time. It is recognized in the marketplace for its Vegetable seeds. The company has well-established infrastructure in Breeding, Seed conditioning assisted by the Cell biology lab and other modern facilities in Production, Product development, and Quality Assurance.

The Top management and technical experts in Acsen Hyveg’s team are always ensuing various opportunities to provide better genetics to transform farming community’s livelihood for the better. The company always strives to enhance excellence in every activity to deliver the best seeds globally as the brand is built on supplying excellent quality seeds that differentiated farmer’s services.

Making a Difference in Farming Community

The driving force for making a difference is Acsen Hyveg’s strong R&D. With its strong breeding group, it is the only company that is breeding in 21 important crops of vegetables and releasing leading products in most of the crops. To ensure consistency, the company has established doubled haploid (DH) lab which is delivering DH in many crops to the breeders.

It is also supplying superior seeds of open-pollinated (OP) varieties to small and marginal farmers to improve their yields and quality of produce. Today, the company is supplying disease-resistant seeds to farmers for solving their issues of chemical sprays.

A Different Perspective

“Vegetable growers always face issues of diseases and quality of the produce. Our company offers seeds which have those solutions. We are the first company which supplied Leaf curl virus-resistant chili hybrids. Farmer’s immediately adopted the varieties and today we are the leader in fresh hot chili market. We are keeping our quality standards higher than market standards including physical, physiological, and genetics of our seeds which is making our farmers loyal to our brand. We are bringing new products in Tomato, Okra, Gourds, and melons which are not only resistant to diseases but also give quality produce to the farmers and they fetch higher prices in the market,” asserts Dr. Arvind Kapur – Managing Director of Acsen HyVeg.

With out-of-the-box thinking and capacity for leading, Acsen HyVeg is always seeking new solutions that stand to differentiate. Thanks to its breeding and creating new gene pools, the company is at the forefront of innovation and creating a plethora of different products that differ from competitors.

Upscaling Challenges to Innovate & Develop

MNCs have deep pockets and these companies have access to the global gene pool. They also invest heavily in R&D and can access new technologies which are patented and their costs are high.

Acsen Hyveg being a regional company could not invest such amounts in R&D or buy patents, so it had to innovate and develop an alternatives to reduce the overall cost. The company overcame these challenges and today, it is a strong breeding company, incorporating new technologies that will help to develop seeds, which can take care of climate change and also serve final customers who look for nutritious food.

The company wants to be in the top three vegetable seed companies in India. The way it has grown in the last ten years, it has strong conviction that it can achieve this in coming decade. It is presently considered as the fastest-growing company in seed sector.

Future Landscape

“Our culture is to trust each other and together we are finding cost-effective innovative solutions. So, our vision is to always find solutions for our growers who are struggling to increase their farm incomes. We want to provide end-to-end solutions to our growers,” states Dr. Arvind kapur.

With its vision  to become a Global Company i.e. from local to Global, the company is now looking to expand the market and it is already strengthening its position in SAARC countries.

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