Biplab Biswal (KIAMS) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2021

Offering Contemporary, Progressive, Technology & Heritage-driven Management Education

The outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic has forced several spheres to reinvent themselves in the new normal. The education sector is no exception to these changes. The pre and post-Covid19 eras appear in stark contrast as numerous institutions have migrated to online sessions. Shifting online had its fair share of challenges but the education niche persevered. Now, staff and students are well acquainted with technology, and together, all are moving ahead and taking the new challenges head on.

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) is one of the leading educational institutes in the country. Ever since its advent in 1991 by the Kirloskar Group of Companies, KIAMS has been conducting a two-year full-time residential Post Graduate Diploma in Management program (PGDM). Equipped with managerial and organisational excellence, it is completely dedicated to Management development.

KIAMS is the name to be reckoned with because the after-effects of the pandemic are still visible, however, KIAMS calls it Education Revolution 2.0. With an optimistic attitude, the institute is looking on the brighter side and taking this opportunity in disguise to explore opportunities for skilling, reskilling, and deskilling.

A Center of Excellence

The center was established in 1991 in Harihar, Karnataka to offer world-class education to all budding management aspirants. This is reflected in the way in which KIAMS undertakes admissions. Only 120 aspirants are admitted each year and this tradition still remains, even after three decades. KIAMS enjoys its unparalleled reputation, all thanks to its focus on quality over quantity which renders it it’s exclusivity .

The students of KIAMS are exposed to holistic learning so that they can grab various opportunities via consistent interaction with industry experts and executives of the Kirloskar Group of Companies. These executives and experts range from Marketing, HR, Operations, to Finance, and Business Analytics. By bringing industry experience to the classrooms, KIAMS offers a competitive edge to its students so that they can excel no matter where they go.

Retaining Reputation & Making a Difference in the Domain

Educational institutes are in the race to fill the seats. KIAMS likes to differ and only dedicates itself to providing outstanding education quality. It keeps abreast of its mission to transform students into industry-ready professionals. With the vision to be seen as an institute of excellence, KIAMS strives to set the benchmark higher and higher with each passing year.

In 2020, when other institutes were grappling to place their students, KIAMS placed over 40 percent of its students in 3 of the BIG 4.

World-class PGDM

KIAMS has marked its position as one of the premier institutes in India, offering a content-rich program that is industry-specific and has a multi-disciplinary approach. Its PGDM program is well-renowned in the country as it has evolved into an exceptional blend of experiential and traditional learning methods.

PGDM is a two-year full-time residential Post-Graduate Program in Management, spread over six trimesters. The entire program is designed and developed in such a way that it prepares a student to be industry-ready with a blend of knowledge, skills, and attitude.

Tackling the Pandemic

There is little doubt that the post-COVID19 world order is in for a reshuffle. KIAMS, in these uncertain times, mustered endurance and evolved. Now, it provides a stable ground for both students and staff members to innovate, create and prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

There were infrastructural challenges as migrating to an online platform is dotted with numerous trials. KIAMS persevered and managed to create online classrooms that focus on student-teacher interaction and active participation, in anticipation of the new normal.

Propelling KIAMS to New Heights

At the helm of the institute is Dr. Biplab K Biswal – The Director of KIAMS. A man of knowledge with over two decades of experience in academics and corporate, Dr. Biplab is on the mission to make the world a better place to live.

“Living in tribal villages for days, places deprived of basic amenities like roads, water, education, basic health care, and electricity had shaken me. As I remember it, this was the first time I came face to face with a different World which I never imagined existed,” asserts Dr. Biplab.

The incident served as the turning point and now, he believes in doing the small yet necessary acts that have a bigger impact in the greater scheme of things.

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