Blair Tinianov (Louis Meier Insurance Broker Ltd) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Dynamic Leaders To Watch In 2021

Insuring Personal, Commercial, and Other Insurance Needs Since 1963

The year 2020 made a difference for every industry. The insurance industry was no exception to these changes. The Covid-19 pandemic and economic fallout resulted in a paradigm shift in consumers’ expectations, needs, and habits. This shift led the industry to adapt quickly to changing demands to overcome obstacles to grow and insure more people in the coming years.

The pandemic hinted at the catastrophic consequences that followed especially in the first half of 2020. With the impact on personal life, business activity, and overall trade, insurers are seeking a new insurance policy that would assure them of safety in such a turbulent time. The reason behind this change is because the pandemic and its aftermath are continuing to hit businesses and lives.

In such a time, Louis Meier Insurance Brokers with its more than half a century of experience in the insurance niche is offering insurances that are going the extra mile to protect its customers. The company knows the importance of determining what protection its clients need and thereby, offering the appropriate coverage in the event of loss. Louis Meier Insurance Brokers insures personal, commercial, or other insurance needs along with extraordinary personal service, competitive rates, and quality products.

At Louis Meier Insurance Brokers, the customer is #1 and the company works for its clients, and not the insurance company. This is its commitment to all of its clients.

Upscaling the Organization’s Success

Mr. Blair Tinianov is at the helm of Louis Meier Insurance Brokers. He is tasked to expand the company and augment the footprint in the industry. He had taken the mantle in 2018 after purchasing 50 percent of the business before and the remaining between 2014 and 2018.

The sole owner of Louis Meier Insurance Brokers joined the company back in 1994. Through the years, Mr. Tinianov has played various roles. He has held his RIBO license for over 20 years. He has worked for both an insurance company and brokerage and found his work with a brokerage to be much more satisfying.

Mr. Tinianov is keen on providing excellent service and thereby earning the trust of customers.

Offering Excellent Service from Three Generations

Louis Meier Insurance Brokers was founded by Mr. Louis Meier back in 1958. Around 1991, the company was bought by Mr. Richard Tinianov who was one of the brokers before Mr. Louis Meier retired. At that point, the company was operated by 10-13 employees in an ambience where everyone was a family. Since then, many of them have retired but the foundation on which the company formed remains true to its essence and that is helping people first.

When Mr. Richard Tinianov retired in 2018, Mr. Blair Tinianov took the responsibility of leadership.

“For me, this was to be a job while I figured out what to do as I originally went to school for law enforcement and found out that that career was not for me. I started in sales and then I overlooked staff management and started dealing with the administration of things for the brokerage. I ended up loving this business and bought 50% in 2005. Since then we have been focused on service and running the business as a family business that cares more for the insureds and less about the profit. Luckily, the business worked this way, as all referrals are now internal,” states Mr. Blair Tinianov.

For the company’s brilliant services through the years, it has been bestowed with several awards and has been nominated for many more.

With Customers’ Every Step

Louis Meier Insurance Brokers offers top-notch products for customers’ Home, Automobile, Condominium, Boat, Motorcycle, RV, Rental Properties, Business, or Farm. The company also offers Identity Theft Insurance.

“Not only do we understand what your needs are, but we also take the extra time to make sure you understand the coverage that you have. We spend the time that is needed to do the job right. When you deal with us you are not just a client but you are now part of the Louis Meier Insurance family and that is something we take very seriously,” asserts Mr. Tinianov.

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