Vaishali Mutalik (ShieldByte Infosec Pvt. Ltd) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2021

Offering impeccable Cybersecurity, Information Security, & Data Privacy Solutions.

As the organizational becomes increasingly digital, digital security has become one of the most pressing concerns. Every day, organizations witness cyberattacks, privacy breaches, and information leakages. Firms around the world need fortification against such constant threats. What today’s companies require is comprehensive digital security to safeguard themselves against several threats.

ShieldByte Infosec, was founded to provide finest services of cybersecurity, information security, and data privacy to global clients. It is an information security and process consulting firm ensuring security of information via a spectrum of security solutions helping detect and prevent theft of information by both outsiders and insiders.

The Face Behind ShieldByte Infosec Unparalleled Success

At the helm of Shieldbyte Infosec is Vaishali Mutalik – Founder & Director. An industrial expert with ample experience in information security and data privacy framework and enforcement of IT security processes to build cybersecurity strategies and architectures.

She comes from a diverse background in technical and managerial areas in formulating & implementing Strategies, Policies, Business Process Re-engineering, IT Risk Management, Enterprise Software Solution Architect Development for Web Applications, Mobile Application & e-Governance Transformation in BFSI, e-Learning, Business Process Engineering & Healthcare industries.

Vaishali started the company to protect critical information against internal and external threats. Under her leadership, ShieldByte Infosec is completely committed to protecting clients from any industry vertical.

For her exceptional skills, she was featured by the ISACA Mumbai Chapter and awarded as Woman Achiever for 2021.

Setting the Benchmark High

“The core values of Shieldbyte Infosec are aptly summed as Identify, Analyze and Comply that propelled the company to achieve its current success today. With digital technology shifting the way organizations function, compete and succeed, IT and security activities have become an integral part of every business. We are managing business IT security risk inseparable from business risk,” asserts Vaishali.

The company’s team retains experts from the cybersecurity niche and professionals who are qualified auditors. Thus, the company’s cumulative experience breaches the 150-year mark. This figure is the driving force behind various organizations across the seas seeking ShieldByte Infosec to manage their risks and compliances.

ShieldByte Infosec facilitates to prevent or mitigate impairment to computer networks, applications, devices, and data. It intends to remain committed to its global growth, empower companies to succeed, continually evolve to shifting strategies and technologies for securing business from cyber threats, therefore raising the benchmark even higher.

Holistic Offerings Designed to Curb Digital Security Threats

ShieldByte Infosec offers a vast array of services:

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Information Systems Audit
  3. Third-party Vendor Assessment & Due Diligence
  4. Cloud Security Audit
  5. Network Security Compliance
  6. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR
  7. ISO Compliance
  8. HIPAA Compliance
  9. CISA Audit

Overcoming Challenges & Delivering Exceptional Results

In the digital era, hackers are finding different ways to attack. Hence, cybersecurity challenges are all about staying ahead by taking preventive action before any threats exploit the system. Cybersecurity is a concern that needs to be taken care of!

Vaishali understood the dire need of providing ever-improving eminence services that will exceed global client requirements. ShieldByte Infosec is her answer. The company is intended to respond to its corporate responsibility to its clients, community, and employees. It offers more than just IT and security risks. The company’s clients benefit in their business with qualified subject matter experts.

Becoming Innovative & Creative

ShieldRisk AI is the unified platform for Third-Party Vendor Assessment and Audit platform for executing a comprehensive process with audit methodologies for vendor assessment and audit. The platform conducts audits for diversified organizations to ensure the empanelment of complaint Vendors or Service providers.  KRI dashboard on a single screen, the corporates have a 360° vision of the vendors' metrics. The customers can here and now get instant actionable insights on the performance of the vendors and service providers.

ShieldRisk supports business-level management of enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Making a Difference

“We focus on bringing comprehensive services to the global entities for cybersecurity programs and compliance with the industry standards. We would like to provide compliance with diverse industry qualification standards and security frameworks. The mission of ShieldByte Infosec guides the corporate ethics of the company, and the vision helps to steer the long-term direction of the company, that is, to build the global brand,” states Vaishali.

By understanding clients' needs and goals to foster support for Governance, Risk, and Compliance, ShieldByte Infosec develops end-to-end security solutions that include assessments, risk treatment through contracts and monitoring, and periodic re-assessments.

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