How to make sales on Instagram and make money

With the gradual advancement in the digital transformation process, people are more likely to find a way to make money online through various processes such as affiliating programs, freelancing, influencing people etc. In this vastly spreading technological world, you can make money through some clicks. Well there are many platforms to start an online business and now it's getting more creative and easy. People can make money only by doing some social media posts. You may imagine it as an easy process but it is not so in real. So let's take an example to explain this through  a social media platform which is very well known as Instagram.

Let's check out how can you make sales and money through Instagram;

You must have heard about some Instagrammers using social media to earn money through the the pictures they usually click and share everyday. People who have got a number of audience through YouTube channel, blogging etc by posting some contents which are useful for their followers are the ones who succeed the most in these businesses. They have a vast reach to the audience and influence figured out which are the very common things a company usually struggles with . These qualities help an Instagrammer to explore multiple streams of potential revenue.

If you think that in order to be a successful influencer, you need a lot of followers then you are absolutely wrong. These things totally depend upon some factors such as:

1 . What niche you are in and how can you promote or directly tie it to a category that may be food, beauty, fitness, fashion etc. You need to show which niche you are in by giving top Instagram hashtags.

2 . A successful business always depends upon how the customer are. The same rule follows here it depends on how your audience are engaged to your posts.

3 . It also depends on the revenue channels that you explore.

In all, if you say, you need to engage your followers to make your job better and developing.

There are some Instagrammers who usually get thousands per post on the picture sharing platform.  If you dont have much followers, you can even start with some 1000 followers to start your journey.

So how do you get money?

In order to gather a large number of audience, you need to be more committed towards your goals and you need to create content which is unique.  People love watching things which are unique and look more attractive. If you follow these you can make money through:

☆ you can do sponsored posts for some brands who want to make their brand's advertisement in front of your audience.

☆ you can become an affiliate and can get a fair commission by selling products of other brands.

☆ create and sell a digital or physical product.

☆ you can offer a paid service too.

☆ you can also sell licenses for your photography or video.

The main feature here is that in order to chase one revenue stream, you need not to give up on another. You can partner with any brand as an influencer which is the most common approach.

How to work on sponsored posts with different brands?

An influencer is someone who has a good position or reputation by showing and promoting different things in social media. Influencers are referred as the trendsetters and someone who are expert in showing something in front of a large audience. So their opinions are very respected. So many brands prefer to collaborate with such influencers who are able to promote their products. The whole process depends on the engagement of the audience and their trust. It is very hard to remain trending as an influencer because they have to maintain their dignity and have to be impartial. If you dont rely on your income from Instagram, you can be choosy about which brand you want to collaborate with.

How do you decide what to charge as an influencer?

According to a survey of 5,000 social media influencers, around 42% charge $200 to $400 per post. This is an example to show you how brands are willing to promote their products through you and can pay you. Think twice before you take up the offer of a brand. Will they pay you good or they are just offering some normal pay. And then it's your opinion to take the offer or not.

How do I find brands to work with?

If you're an influencer who has large number of followers then the brands are going to choose you, you don't need to run to them. But if you are an amateur then you can contact them to ask about some deals. There are many other influencer marketplaces websites such as:

  1. Fohr Card
  2. Grapevine
  3. Crowd Tap
  4. Indahash

These are some websites to search for some deals. If you are doing some sponsorship posts, it is necessary to post the brand name by mentioning "paid partnership with" tag which will make others identify the product shown by you. If you are not able to become an influencer ,you can always be an affiliate. Some popular marketplaces for affiliating are:

  1. Click Bank
  2. Reward Style
  3. Amazon's affiliate program

So these are the ways to earn money by social media. You can earn by just posting some pictures. But you need to be impartial and perfect in order to do this. So start your journey of being a successful influencer.