Jiten Thakkar (Local Forever)

Helping Businesses by Driving Growth & Traffic via Digital Marketing

One of the most powerful marketing tools, digital marketing is upscaling the marketing niche with innovative ideas and creative posts. With digital marketing, businesses are experiencing increased traffic to their website and store, and hence, they have seen a boost in their sales. Seeing unparalleled results of digital marketing at affordable cost and less time, today, firms are hiring digital marketing experts to augment their business growth and traffic.

Jiten Thakkar – Founder & CEO of Local Forever is a go-to digital marketing expert for several organizations. He is an experienced and renowned digital marketing consultant & growth hacker who is passionate about growing business’s worth as well as revenue by using digital methods of marketing. With his expertise, businesses report an increase in growth and traffic as he crafts unique messages that reach out to the target audience. He uses all the latest tools in the digital marketing domain to deliver the results. His solutions are designed to attract target audience which in turn leads to proper sales conversions.

Jiten is recognized as an expert thanks to his fresh approach towards marketing. He believes web traffic is good, however, converting customers is even better because it leads to increased revenue. He analyzes, tests, and optimizes clients’ website content to get more conversions and fewer bounces. By hiring him as an online marketing consultant, clients get a tremendous boost in revenue.

Solutions that Changed Digital Landscape for Many Companies

Jiten is singularly focused on providing effective digital marketing strategies and solutions to business owners who can get best ROI & grow their business. His ability to adapt and react to any change is the driving force behind his expertise. He believes that businesses must change as old strategies and processes become obsolete and do not bring any expected results. To stay relevant in this highly competitive world, he suggests businesses take on new challenges and explore the opportunities to expand and grow.

This approach has kept Jiten abreast of changing trends in the industry and also earned him the trust of the clients. More than a decade of experience in the digital domain helped Jiten find the pain points of the clients and hence, his solutions address everything a business requires along with latest happenings in the industry. He often quotes to act confidently, be positive, and stay Digital Forever.

Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing

“My 12 years of experience in the practical niche of digital marketing has evolved my learning into passion and has given me the knowledge on marketing tools that allow you to create, measure, and optimize your sales funnels in near real-time. Digital Marketing Consulting can help you generate more revenue,” asserts Jiten.

When he worked for various companies, Jiten observed how the majority of business owners faced challenges in getting their businesses online due to little know-how or lack of capital to invest. He felt the dire need of getting businesses online as there was a change in people’s outlook and channels through which they interact with businesses. This led him to discover his passion in the digital marketing niche and Local Forever was the solution to address all the problems faced by business owners.

Under his leadership, Local Forever helps business owners to get their business on the web the hassle-free way.

Hassle-free Transition to Online Sphere

The key strategy Jiten has devised is to target local business owners in getting their businesses online currently with his unique subscription-based pricing for all which is inclusive of website too. This unique strategy made it is easier for every business owner to access digital domain and take their business to new heights. The plans offered by Local Forever is a one-stop package for migrating business online and covers needs such as domain name, hosting, SSL, professional email id, etc.

“We are currently providing full-fledged website plans at a very low subscription cost which can even be paid on monthly subscriptions currently without having to pay the upfront deposit amount or full payment in advance. We also plan to introduce effective and actionable marketing strategies and digital marketing plans soon which would help businesses to increase their visibility on the internet and focus on business growth,” states Jiten.

Multiple applications designed to help businesses run more efficiently and manage operations from records of staff to day-to-day functions are in development phase.

An Exemplary Leader

Not only Jiten is helping businesses to migrate online and increase their traffic and revenue, but he is also giving career opportunities to more people by continuously looking out for potential candidates and expansion in terms of time size, branches, markets, and client base. He believes this has always been the main goal of his entrepreneurship journey.

Therefore, he ensures that trust and growth mindset is instilled in the budding digital marketers. He affirms that if the team is motivated and happy with what they are doing, keeping the end clients happier becomes far easier. He also thinks the client’s trust and his Team’s capabilities are two main pillars behind his strength.

“I personally help a lot of aspiring digital marketing aspirants as well as business owners with personalized premium coaching as well as share a lot of valuable information about digital marketing, sales, entrepreneurship & growth hacking on my blog, multiple other popular blogs, and social media handles to help others learn through my experience,” he states.

Setting Benchmark High

The main benefit clients are getting from Local Forever is the positive and effortless experience they get by dealing with it where it has systematic processes to get the client’s business active on the web without them needing to put a lot of time and effort into doing so. The company believes in delivering committed solutions which means there are no negative surprises for the end clients for any services.

Jiten is aiming to have multiple offshore branches to offer services to a wide spectrum of audiences. In the coming two years, he is planning to expand Local Forever footprint by hiring like-minded people and acquiring a bigger pool of loyal client base.

For More Details: https://jitenthakkar.com/