Aaron Harker (CanQualify) – Business Sight’s Top Visionary Leaders At Forefront Of Entrepreneurship 2021

Assisting Clients by Identifying & Mitigating Risks within their Supply Chain

Risk management is an integral part of the supply chain. This activity involves process improvement, forming strategic alliances, and developing suppliers. It is essential to address the right risks with the right strategies. These strategies need dedicated time and resources. Hence, most firms ignore the process and directly go with their processes.

Having a sound understanding of the risk involved in the supply chain, CanQualify brings innovative solutions to the clients. It offers services that identify and mitigate risks and hence, empower clients to make better, informed decisions. The web-based platform enables clients to verify compliance with their existing supplier base. Also, the platform connects clients with other, pre-qualified suppliers within the company’s database. This simple yet effective streamlined process saves a lot of time and money.

CanQualify is on the mission to improve the safety culture by helping its clients move towards leading against lagging indicators, recognize where risk is reduced and can be improved, forge better contractor relationships, improve communication throughout the entire organization, reduce costs, ensure higher quality performance and help operational work-flow by ensuring quick processing turn times.

The firm is paving the way for its clients with its unique motto – A better way to qualify and manage suppliers.

Ensuring the Necessary Tools & Risk-free Supply Chain

At the helm of the company is Aaron Harker – Founder & CEO of CanQualify. He belongs to a family that dates back to the generations of doctors, international entrepreneurs, plumbers, long-haul truck drivers, and even Captains of large commercial vessels making up some of the professions found in the family.

Aaron worked for his current competitors for years and found how they would extract additional fees under different categories. Aaron, having his work ethics and core values, could not stomach it. The whole scenario inspired Aaron to find a better solution for supplier and contractor management services. As a result, he set out to find a way that leveraged the services and CanQualify saw the light of the day. His company is an exemplary management service that offers the necessary tools to the clients for prequalification purposes while also not taking advantage of the contractor suppliers.

“Contractors don’t always have a choice when it comes to registering with a contractor management service or prequalification company because to work with the hiring client, they need to be prequalified first. Unfortunately, because of this, I’ve seen contractors being taken advantage of by raising prices or performing unnecessary audits to try and justify extra fees. Contractors should be taken care of and treated as customers,” states Aaron.

Stellar Entrepreneur making a Difference

Since Aaron belonged to a hard-working family, the work ethic led to a multi-sport scholastic athlete. He has been inducted into the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame. Barely out of high school, he joined his father, uncle, and brother on tugboats. He was frequently away from home for months at a stretch.

The time away from home instilled a compassion trait in him. Aaron looked after coworkers and their families as an essential part of life in that community. This led the foundation of his work ethic that he employs today.

Aaron looks after employees like a family and hence, he has earned their respect and appreciation.

“People I currently work with, people I have worked with in the past and built up great relationships with, and of course family. My older brother owns a restaurant in La Paz Mexico and the work he does within the community to clean up streets – literally – to working with orphanages to passing out candy dressed in a Santa suit December 26th – Santa on vacation – is a testament to the values and belief instilled within my family to help others. I do charitable work too. But the desire to be successful is much stronger than wanting to cover my bills and being sure the company employees can take care of theirs as well. I want to make my brother proud and continue to expand on the help we can provide to others,” he asserts.

A Rollercoaster Ride

All those long hours on the tugboats and working for the competitors helped Aaron shape his journey. With a unique approach towards the supply chain, he is empowering personnel in the industry.

“It’s been a journey, but we have truly been blessed along the way. Even the few hiccups we’ve had have led us in a better direction. We continue to grow and improve our systems. Our clients have been instrumental in helping us improve our dashboard and our contractor customers have been invaluable with feedback. There are a lot of new competitors trying to jump into the market, but we have a true foundation of loyalty built on earned trust with those we work with,” he says.

Thanks to Aaron’s outlook of the company, CanQualify has overqualified employees and industry experts helping the firm on all fronts.

For More Details: https://canqualify.com/