Fran Killoway (Frasil) – Business Sight’s Top Visionary Leaders At Forefront Of Entrepreneurship 2021

Leveraging AI to Give Back Total Control of Choice to the People Living with Disability

Technology has been implemented to solve ‘n’ number of problems. With AI and ML, revolution is fast approaching. Human-technology synchronization is one of the rapidly evolving fields thanks to this advancement. To achieve the greater good, synchronization is paving the way ahead because the prevalence of disability is increasing in the world. And people living with disabilities face an array of issues every single day.

Alongside willpower and strength, synchronization comes as a boon for PLWD. Adapting to life’s disability has never been easy and hence, some companies are empowering PLWD to overcome challenges and limitations so that they can build a rewarding life.

Frasil – a company dedicated to helping PLWD, is making a difference in the lives of people. It is on the mission to ensure that PLWD can make every decision and choice in their lives without a second thought.

A Ray of Hope

Founded by Fran Killoway, an innovator whose firm belief in assisting PLWD has become a symbol of hope, Frasil has software designed for PLWD. The company enables the user to communicate with the touch of a button. This removes the feeling of isolation that PLWD experience on daily basis. The software eliminates the communication barrier and improves connection with friends, family, and community.

Fran has developed the software via AI, neural networks, and ML. It is giving a personalized touch to the lives of all PLWD. She has created a companion application that guides people and ensures they can engage with their friends, family, and community with ease.

Becoming the Ray of Hope

When Fran’s close friend was diagnosed with MND, the products in the market were either expensive or failed to help altogether. This incident inspired Fran to do something about her friend’s condition. A decade ago, Fran founded Frasil with a mission to help those in need with a humanoid companion that keeps company all the time.

For developing the companion, Fran has executed more than 145 trials. She along with her team at Frasil implemented feedback from each trial and unveiled an app that honored all PLWD’s needs.

Tackling and Overcoming the Challenges

The companion Fran sought to develop challenged her on every front. People around her believed that a woman of her age could not possibly possess the necessary knowledge of sophisticated neural networks, AI, and ML. Today even, there is disbelief that Fran has developed the technology.

Industry experts were skeptical about the different presentation of intelligence that Fran proposed and hence, they refused to acknowledge that such a thing would be possible. The fact was supported by Fran’s complete lack of front-end knowledge of computers, software, and Apps.

Despite all comments, Fran did not budge and soon found her way of doing things. She would do things back to front and upside down. This talent allowed her to understand that people living with disabilities need to have their messages delivered in many different ways.

In the end, Fran’s determination and passion endured and today, Frasil is offering exemplary solutions to PLWD.

Frasil’s Astonishing Technology

Frasil is a software App to help people living with disabilities connect to devices and the Internet and provides a series of applications to assist with communication and living. The company has been built with a huge amount of inputs from people living with disabilities for people living with disabilities.

Its flagship product solves the big global problem of disability. 15% of the world’s population has a disability - 1.3 billion potential marketplace – a marketplace the size of China. Frasil’s flagship technology is an expert system in the form of a computer-generated companion, tutor, and friend that establishes empathy, builds rapport and creates a framework of trust to allow every one of the people dealing with these global problems to benefit from technology. Through an intuitive interface, apps and operational system Frasil gives everyone and anyone the ability to access a world of digital and online tools.

Unveiling New Products

Fran did not stop at Frasil software. Her mission compels her to innovate new and better technologies to help people all over the world. Hence, meka – a tech designed to solve the big global problem of online stalking and bullying including abuse, stalking, bullying, grooming, pedophilia, teen suicide, and domestic violence that is caused by social media and the internet, in 24/7 real-time.

Fran is also launching an app for all NFP groups and charities to allow for an intelligent humanoid to counsel callers 24/7 who may be wanting to commit suicide or are lonely.

The next tech is still in its nascent stage. It will allow traffic lights to recognize PLWD, seniors and aged care, prams, school groups, motorbikes and allow them safe crossings at traffic lights.

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