How to Motivate People to Buy (Sales, Tricks and Tips) ?

When you have a website that is related to business like shopping, you have to motivate your customers to buy from you. There are many ways to do so. All you need is a perfectly designed website and strong social media connection. People these days prefer to shop online as there are wide variety of products and they can shop their favourite products in just some clicks.

But it is necessary to make people buy your products as there are a lot of websites online and there is a possibility that people won’t buy from you. So it’s necessary to take some tips and tricks to make your website more attractive: 

1 . Ensure that people feel safe when they order from you

People are aware about their own security and that's why they are afraid about buying online. Identity thefts are very common now a days. This is a very serious problem. People feel insecure when shopping online so they quit searching online and move to a market nearby to get their products. If you are selling your products online, then you should remind people that they are shopping from a secure server. Make people believe that the website they are using keeps their personal information confidential. You should also provide a disclaimer saying that the website is secure.

2 . Create urgency to buy

People usually postpone buying because they are busy in their work and family obligations. This way they forget they were going to buy something. In this case,  if you offer a limited time period discount and free goods giveaway or a disclaimer saying 'the stock is limited' or give a deadline on a product, it is likely that the customer would prefer to buy as fast as he can. These are ways in which you can stop a customer from exiting your website.

3 . Pump your sales copy

A sales copy looks more attractive when its headline is attractive or attention grabbing. If you give a general headline, that's not at all attractive and useful. In your sales copy, you need to provide a good description of a product's benefits so that the customer will wait for a minute and have a look at the given benefits and choose to buy it. So having a good sales copy is a must.

4 . Remind visitors to come back and visit 

Even if your website is attractive and well designed, sometimes people don't buy anything the first time they reach your website. When more customers visit your site, there is a greater chance that they would buy the product. So remind your customers to revisit the site by an online greeting video.

5 . Continually test and re-test and improve your AD copy

Testing your AD copy with various elements like changing or offering an offer, extension of guarantee etc. 

6 . Know your competition 

You should always watch your competitor as it is watching you everytime. You should always know who is taking your customers away. You should always study your competitor's strengths and weaknesses,  it's working method and traffic on its website. After you know everything about it, you need to change some necessary things and make your website more better so you can drag people's attention towards you.

7 . Numerous ordering options 

Provide your customers every way to order like credit card, debit card, money orders and other electronic options.  Take orders through mail, phone etc.

8 . Know the source of your traffic

You should be aware about why people are exiting or not buying any products from you. If people who come to your site don't leave comments or don't mail you, you will never know why they left your site.

These are some of the important tips and tricks to improve your business through website. If you are able to do these in a better way, it is more likely to be successful and this going to benefit you in every possible way.