James Phipps (BeCloud) – Business Sight’s Top Visionary Leaders At Forefront Of Entrepreneurship 2021

Delivering Modern, Efficient, & Scalable IT Solutions to Optimize Performance & Initiate Complete Digital Transformation

Digital disruption is a must for industries to step into the future. In the dire necessity of managing IT infrastructure, organizations need help from an expert in the niche. Managed IT services are often required by businesses in order to improve their operations and cut expenses. Rather than investing time and resources into building IT infrastructure and expertise, managed IT services are the best option for several brands as they retain full control over the system while the service provider manages their IT. This approach mitigates the issues regarding cost, quality of service, and risk as well.

BeCloud Solutions – a Mississippi-based IT firm – was founded in 2011 to provide managed IT services to clients across globe. It is a Customer-driven company certified with Amazon Web Services. The firm stays abreast of the latest trends and offers best-in-class solutions to all clients. No matter the size of the company, BeCloud Solutions develops tailored solutions that are affordable and efficient.

Retaining well-rounded expertise and experience in managed IT services, BeCloud Solutions stresses the importance of business processes. This exclusive focus on the processes has made the company one of the leading IT service providers in the US. By choosing BeCloud Solutions, the first certified Amazon Web Services Partner in Jackson, MS., clients can partner with a team of trusted IT professionals at a fair price.

BeCloud Solutions delivers Modern IT solutions, help-desk, and security solutions to companies willing to optimize performance, by embracing Digital Transformation.

Disrupting Industries with Top-Notch IT Solutions

At the forefront of the company is James Phipps – Founder & President of BeCloud LLC. A tech enthusiast who would often enrage his parents, because as a child he would disassemble household electronic devices to figure out how they worked. Coupled with this zeal, he also wrote basic code on his father’s Radio Shack TRS-80 computer. His passion for electronics and knack for writing code led him to sign up for the Air Force as a part-time ‘Air National Guard’ technician working on advanced electronics on the C-141 Aircraft.

“I enjoy bringing the latest technological advancements to our customer’s business challenges. That goal requires an aggressive commitment to learning. My goal is to continue to help our current and future clients embark on digital transformation journeys wherever that may take us,” states James.

James is leveraging the need for an IT partner that can improve the security, uptime, and reliability of corporate applications. Because organizations always seek high ROI on IT, the Cloud can exponentially boost the ROI. Since knowing the best practices and latest trends, James is offering exceptional solutions to clients. He has a proven track record for successfully implementing digital transformation projects for companies of all sizes.

One such exceptional example is a decade long service to Taggart, Rimes & Wiggins, PLLC. Under James’ supervision, BeCloud replaced slow-legacy VPN connectivity for the law firm. The solution enabled the firm faster Practice Management access for remote offices and attorneys.

Vision Behind Establishing an IT Solution Company

The experience of working on some cutting-edge research at the University of California Berkeley has always stayed with James. The exposure he had at the university expanded his horizon. What can be done with technology is the question he pursues to this day by developing solutions that are completely out of the box.

While working for Worldcom, James attained the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) certification. He took that experience along with experiences garnered from working with a small IT consultancy to bootstrap his own venture BeCloud LLC in 2011.

“My willingness to embrace new technologies and change with the times has proven to be a key differentiator. I have an insatiable appetite to understand new technologies and to test them.  One way to get my curiosity and study fired up is to suggest something is hard or difficult to master. This thirst for knowledge creates a challenging learning environment for my team,” asserts James.

He further adds, “I started BeCloud because I felt that consulting companies could do a better job at being more affordable, efficient, and scalable. We must drink our own kool-aid and utilize automation and other transformative IT solutions to make our services more affordable, efficient, and scalable.”

Stellar Leadership

Under the leadership of James, BeCloud Solutions is helping businesses optimize their performance and improve ROI on technology investments. He is ensuring companies across industry verticals are receiving best-in-class delivery of IT services and solutions as BeCloud is focused on providing great customer experiences.

“Our commitment to our customers is paramount. We really go the extra mile to provide a service that is second to none. When we engage with our customers our main goal is to provide technology solutions that will fit the need based on their budget requirements instead of internal BeCloud sales quotas,” says James.

BeCloud Solutions is continuing to expand its Cloud services and Consulting. James is putting pieces together to help transition to a Cloud First Strategy for all customers.

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