Natalie O’Hanna (Impact365) – Business Sight’s Top Visionary Leaders At Forefront Of Entrepreneurship 2021

Bringing Larger Than Life Moments to all Events & Experiences

Events can augment businesses’ visibility and thereby profitability. Events play a centripetal role, connecting an organizations story, mission, and dedication towards community causes. Events are key towards mesmerizing the populace, organizations stress a quality experience. A lot of effort goes into understanding the audience and their behaviors. Hence, firms seek event managing agencies to take the charge.

Event managing agencies help lay the foundation for businesses and marketing strategies. Agencies emotionally connect brands with their audience and engage them to take action, while in turn businesses enjoy the fruits of a higher conversion rate and consistent engagement. In today's business landscape companies are actively onboarding event managing agencies more than ever. Thanks to the agencies involvement the event managing industry is expected to expand it's reach to 1.553 billion $ by 2028.

Assisting corporate, charity, and the community by creating turn-key events and experiences, IMPACT365 is one of the leading event managing agencies in the US. The Chicago-based agency delivers a compelling value proposition to their clients and have helped raise and save tens of millions of dollars through events and experiences.

The driving force behind the agency’s execution is out of the box thinking and the ability to generate larger than life excitement. To this IMPACT365 created the 5-Star, 5-Step planning process guaranteeing unmatched value in their client’s bottom line.

Stellar Entrepreneur

At the helm of the agency is Natalie O’Hanna – CEO & President of IMPACT365. As an experience influencer for the past 30 years, her career has spanned nearly every facet of entrepreneurship running and optimizing hospitality, events, entertainment and organizations.

“I’ve crawled my way through the trenches of being a hostess, to late nights behind a bar to training and onboarding teams, to fearlessly venturing my own start - up in 2001.”

Her newfound momentum shifted to Mergers and Acquisitions and running a global membership organization based in Dallas, HQ in Chicago for 8 years.

“I paid close attention, consuming every morsel of knowledge I could, in each position I held, from the age of 17 until now, to be the absolute best I could be whether I crafted a perfect sugary cocktail or mastered a bride and grooms flawless wedding day or led an organization and its members to the 3rd largest of 59 offices.”

“I self-taught Grit. Grind. Failure. Motivation. Defeat. Ideation. Vision. Success. Heart. Faith. Fearlessness. Gratitude.”

That path of perseverance and tenacity paid off,  leading Natalie to acquire IMPACT365, an 18-year strong event and marketing agency servicing corporate, charitable, non-profit and professional clientele in Chicagoland.

“I am thankful for what I have accomplished, but I’m not done. My past got me here, but my passion keeps me here.”

Natalie pours her heart and soul into everything she’s learned and experienced along her journey into IMPACT365, staff, clients’ needs, ideas and innovation. There’s more work to be done, more money to be raised, more causes to be cured, more events to experience, and more IMPACT to make!

Against the Odds

Natalie acquired the agency 5 months before the onset of the Covid19 pandemic. The lockdowns and restrictions led the company downwind and it lost clients, events, staff, revenue, and morale. But that was only in the beginning.

A testament to her true entrepreneurial spirit, Natalie soon reinvented and refocused  her efforts and focused on the vision and strategies to overcome the challenges. Under her leadership, IMPACT365 settled on the vision to grow  into the Texas and Florida markets with a focus on a Single Management Solution Platform that  synergistically fits well within the scope of a majority of its current event and creative service clientele. IMPACT365 Is positioned to be a multi-million-dollar company and a top solution to clients and organizations looking to solve unique, post-Covid19 business and resource challenges.

Employing a key loyalty strategy – IMPACT365 Promise  the unique encompassing 5-Star, 5-Step Planning process, Natalie is bringing supreme values to the event and consulting industry.

Making a Difference

Natalie lay down the strategies and began working towards turning the Covid19 situation around. By planting a strong foothold in the Chicago market and and simultaneously opening offices in Dallas, TX, and South Florida, she rebranded the agency and  and entered into a new era of  business development.

Her efforts soon resulted in bagging 2021 Best of Chicago Award in the Local Business category, an award bestowed on IMPACT365 for its unparalleled achievements and accomplishments.

More Than Event Specialists

IMPACT365 specializes in full-service corporate, social, charity, and community event experiences that are entertaining or revenue-driven in nature, but we are far more than just events.

Its ‘suite spot’ is client consulting with the coined phrase, Single Management Solution or SMS. The agency manages entire client organizations as their trusted outsource resource. This includes streamling legal, compliance, finances, strategic vision, administration, events, marketing and more, truly becoming a one-stop- agency shop.

A repertoire of in-house creative services is also offered including AV, graphic and web design, social media management, branding, content creation, digital videos and sizzles, signage, brochures, and more.

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