Winnie Leung (Enano Health) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Eminent Leaders to Follow in 2021

“Providing Proactive Health Management, Accessible To Everyone”

Enano Health Limited was founded in Hong Kong in the year 2010 and was accepted to the Incubio programme of the Hong Kong Science Park. The company has developed a series of saliva-based solutions for self-health management and fast screening of multiple diseases based on the company’s patented platform technology. Examples of the application are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Autism, HIV, influenza, etc. The solutions were developed by a team of physicists, molecular or chemical scientists and analysts, and chemical engineers. To date, the company has filed seven patents in the US PTO of which four were approved. The four approved patents were Troponin I Protein Binding Compounds (Granted, US), Mobile automated health sensing system, method and device (Granted, US), Public personalized mobile health sensing system, method and device (Granted, US) and Personalized Drug monitoring system and method (Granted, US).

Stellar Leadership

Enano Health is comprised of a team of entrepreneurs from various disciplines including physics, molecular biology, informatics, chemistry and engineering, braving new technological frontiers to deliver affordable, smarter and better solutions to support the next generation of healthcare.

The co-founders of the company are Patrick Leung and Winnie Leung.

Patrick Leung, a serial entrepreneur who has developed multiple innovative solutions in digital and data communications, smart health information systems to support quality care and decision support. He holds a PhD in High Energy Physics from Columbia University, Post-doc at Stanford.

Winnie Leung, a seasoned executive who has spent over 20 years at Paramount Pictures, leading new business systems development for new business models and technology.

Other members of the team are Mr Chi Tao Leung, Nano Engineer, Mr. Aaron Koo, Research Assistant, Dr. Wing Yin Cheng, Research Assistant and Ms Alicia Cheon, Research Assistant.

The Mission

In order to stay healthy, it is crucial to monitor people’s health regularly.

1 or 2 blood tests per year are insufficient to proactively manage the health well. By monitoring regularly, it enables to keep track of the biomarkers and discover early symptoms that can be treated at an earlier stage. This lowers the chances of developing complications and severe illnesses that could be irreversible. It is not rational to do a blood test every single day as it is invasive and requires health specialists to perform. Also, it is not very cost-effective to go to a clinic every day and receive lab reports a week later.

The founder says, “This inspires the company to develop a series of non-invasive solutions that are home-used and affordable so that individuals can perform easily on their own on a daily basis. Out of all our body fluids, we think saliva is the easiest to obtain at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, our research and studies are focused on saliva-based solutions. Besides, it is also fundamental to keep a comprehensive record of all the health data. Hence, we have developed software that supports the device.”

The Innovative Journey

Prior to eNano Health, the founders worked with several medical doctors to build an intelligent health information system that leverages all the clinical information and provide a proactive system that can help to improve the quality of care based on the data. However, upon completion, it was found that the powerful health data engine needs a lot more data to provide even more meaningful value. Thus, a solution to empower individuals to be able to test frequently at home at an affordable price is a key to address the need. The doctors will then be able to get meaningful personalized information about the patients. As a result, they can become more predictive and then preventive of health risks development.

Enano plans to revolutionize the definition of health management by empowering individuals with an affordable and easily operable self-test solution to become aware of developing health risks before feeling sick. Individuals can act early with lifestyle changes to mitigate the health risks without relying on medications. This will create a huge impact on the global healthcare challenges by deferring the onset of illness and improving quality of life, reducing mortality rate and reducing health care costs.

Futuristic Approach

The company already has several new tests planned for the pipeline. They plan to continue expanding the type of tests to cover new areas such as cancer, men’s health, women’s health, baby health, and skin health. They also plan to spend more effort with education and communications to explain the solutions. eNano Health is also planning to create a more comprehensive suite of tests.

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