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K. Sridhar, Co-Founder & Director (Kelsa Solutions)

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Kelsa Solutions

‘Kelsa’ means ‘work’, going that extra mile.

Kelsa Management Solutions was started in March 2010 with a mission to cater to the needs of small and medium sized corporations to manage their people requirements who, are on the threshold of growth. Kelsa is augmenting its vision of being a unique solution provider by establishing their own frameworks for Organization and Leadership Development and Employee Engagement. During the last ten years of its journey, Kelsa has matured into an organization that not only provides niche HR solutions but also use its expertise to build an HR Academy.

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The economic slowdown and rise in unemployment have severely hit every sector in the country. The rise in living costs and inadequate financial support is proving to be a major concern. Healthcare is no different when it comes to this. The salary expectations of job seekers are becoming difficult to meet for the employers.

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Investing in oneself is crucial to development. It is only by constantly working on oneself that real growth can take place, both for the individual and the community. Today, through HR training and skill development, organizations have come to realize the importance of investing in their employees’ well-being and education.

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Positive Strokes

We live in a world where the process of innovations and transformations is being carried out continuously and not a single profession untouched of it. New tools and techniques are developed to increase the production and performance of any product.

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Sharp and Score HR Consulting Pvt Ltd

The technological world is volatile in nature. This dynamic nature always keeps companies on their toes, changing the ways of working continuously. The changes force the way companies to develop the products and impact how they sell it and the delivery of the products and services.

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Aid of AI in HR

The world is eyeing a colossal shift in its working and efficiency and productivity. A brand-new technology is knocking on the doors, bringing a revolution of its own. Soon, the door would fling open and it will come rushing in, changing every aspect of the world.

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Internal Process Controls for Better Compliance

Internal Process Controls plays a vital role in any compliance system, as it consistently meets organization’s set goals focusing on operational efficiency, accurate reporting and compliance with applicable laws & regulations.

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Personalization in Human Resource Management

One size fits all, is the adage thriving since archaic times. For the generations and eras, it had held water as people had restricted knowledge about their individual fields and so, the concept stick to anyone who had the interest to pursue.