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Anil Hinge - MD (RASS Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd)

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RASS Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Infrastructure is the backbone of any country. Developing planned infrastructure requires time, resources and skills. Such huge infrastructure for nations growth requires perfect planning and huge amount of time, cost for its development. It also requires perfect collaboration among various teams and agencies with perfect coordination. This is very difficult task and needs to be addressed efficiently for successful completion of project.

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The current world population of 7.6 billion is projected to increase by more than 2.2 billion and reach 9.8 billion by 2050. The population increase is remarkable in developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia. The population of India is expected to top the list in 2028, surpassing that of China.

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Digital presence has become all the more important in this digital era where more than half of the global population research online. If the business can’t be easily found online, customers will go elsewhere. This is why it becomes quite essential for businesses to have a digital presence.

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Apex Insurance Consultants

The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus put a tremendous emphasis on the healthcare sector. The dramatic increase in healthcare safety is the direct result of such outbreaks. The situation is tense and people need more than relying on doctors for their safety. In such times, institutions like Apex Insurance Consultants have actively engaged in bridging the major gap and providing required safety.

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Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are characterized by radical novelty relatively fast growth, integration, prominent impact, and ambiguity. In other words, emerging technology can be defined as "a radically novel and relatively fast-growing technology characterized by a certain degree of coherence persisting over time

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How waste management has witnessed a healthy growth rate?

Waste management has witnessed a healthy growth rate in the last few years owing to a greater spread of awareness in high population density and increased industrial activity, which is generating high amount of waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

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Impact of COVID on Knowledge Process Offshoring (KPO) Industry in India

The worldwide outbreak of the COVID virus has pushed everyone to their limits without doubt and the KPO industry is no different. Due to the lockdown imposed in March 2020, all the KPO and LPO companies in India had to shut the offices in a haste, and move to a remote working environment overnight.

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Improving Digital Commerce Conversions through Intelligent Test Automation

“Put yourselves in the customer’s shoes” is popular in the selling world. This holds true for the Digital Commerce space as well. Digital commerce is also about leveraging technology to sell and deliver products and services online.