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Markus Heitkotter (Founder - Rockwell Trading )

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Rockwell Trading

Markus Heitkotter is the founder of Rockwell Trading and veteran in the trading industry. With over 25+ years of “boots on the ground” active trading in the markets, Markus has seen it all…From the Dot Com bubble to the 2008 market crash, Markus has experienced every high and every low the markets have to offer. This experience has given him the rare ability to identify successful trades in any market… bullish - bearish - or sideways. And he’s developed simple to follow trading strategies and softwares to help other people trade like he does.

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Impacts of the Covid19 pandemic can be witnessed in every industry. Supply chain is among the worst-hit industries as countries across the globe initiated lockdowns. This left several organizations grappling with supplies.

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InterWeave Smart Solutions

The Cloud has been making big waves in the industry with its unique abilities, it is transforming the industries in unprecedented ways. Several organizations have migrated to the Cloud, and many are in transition.

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Optizmo Technologies

Khris Thayer launched OPTIZMO Technologies in 2009 with co-founder Grant Fern. From its inception, the company has focused on delivering unrivaled email compliance solutions and support to advertisers, networks, performance agencies, and email marketers.

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SA Capital Partners

Advancing technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the way business is conducted. Several organizations are realizing the need to accelerate the development of digital solutions.

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Incorporation of Technology in Healthcare

The advances in technology impact different sectors and such are the case for the healthcare industry as there are material changes in the business of healthcare, including the increased pace of mergers and acquisitions.

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Top 20 Video Games in the world 2020

Virtual games or video games have always been a field or a platform of fun and fascination for people of different age groups. People from different age groups love to spend their by playing video games.