Jugnoo – BS Best Places to Work in 2019

Tired of haggling and waiting for an auto? Here is the start-up from Chandigarh which initially emerged as an auto-rickshaw aggregator and is now serving with services like Taxi booking, Delivery, Concierge, Limo service, truck service, towing, shuttle, renting car or bike, P2P car rental and carpool. All the more, it also makes the food, fruits, vegetable or groceries available right at your doorstep.

With time Jugnoo has observed massive development in the terms of business operations, technical advancement and verticals like B2B and B2C domains. Samar Singla, the founder and CEO says
that his goals keep on changing with time. At the professional front, he sees Jugnoo making noise in Tier II and Tier III cities all across the world.

Established in the year 2014, Jugnoo has evolved itself above par and has emerged as a solution to the basic problems of transport and food. Diversified in all aspects, the employees of Jugnoo believe in working together as a Team. Taking pride in their contribution to the organization, they foresee Jugnoo basking in the glory of success. They are motivated
perpetually and get a broad field to recognize their strength, experiment and to plan a bright future.

Autonomy to employees and a friendly ambiance is what the employees’ of Jugnoo love. To the organization, an open and expanded mindset signifies leadership. The quality of leadership has that power to add-on the positive values to the business and the society altogether. They keep on reforming the work structure for a better understanding and outcome.

For Jugnoo, their team-mates are their family, their happiness and comfort is the prime focus. Improvising every single day, uplifting the name of the organization and creating space where their employee can attain the better version of themselves is what they aim for. They too have fun activities organized to preach wellness, which would improve their employees’ health, psyche and relatable business.

Jugnoo perceives success as LID which stands for Learning, Initiative and Development. They look forth to innovation in their services, products and encouraging the team to create a positive value for businesses with products and offers.

Jugnoo offer services which are both practical and user-friendly. The products like Tookan, Yelo, Kato, Fugu, Hippo & Tida Jugnoo & its sister concern Jungleworks have already made noise in the industry with their easy to use services.

When asked for how was the foundation laid, CEO Samar Singla says that the problem of basic economics of demand and supply of auto-rickshaws in Tier II and III cities of India gave him and Chinmay Agarwal the idea. Other than buses, auto-rickshaws have been serving as a primary means of public transport on a daily basis, from a decade. The struggle in availing the auto-rickshaws and haggling at the end has always persisted for the commuters and to get the passenger and haggling again has made it difficult for the drivers. By using Jugnoo’s service, both drivers and commuters can avail the best on-demand services in their area. Facilitating optimum utilization of the readily available autos in intra-city transport segment, which is largely underutilized; Jugnoo came forth intending to increase the earnings of an auto-driver more efficiently and to provide rides to the commuters in a reasonable rate.

While talking about himself, Mr. Samar says, “I’ve been often called a serial entrepreneur and am a physicist by education. I like to believe that I am a good orator since I enjoy talking to people so much. I have experience as a researcher at IBM and CERN and Jugnoo came into existence in 2014 with the vision to transform the Indian auto-rickshaw sector. Apart from Jugnoo, I also found Click-Labs, a profitable SaaS technology solution provider of Business suit called ‘JungleWorks’. When not working on business ideas, I like to travel and am a keen photographer.”

Jugnoo presently is operational across the world. It has been growing exponentially and is excelling in new geographies demographics. It has already extended its services in Saudi Arabia and has won their trust, faith and love. They help them in empowering the entrepreneurs and enterprises with their B2B technology and to boost growth and ROI. Jugnoo today has 10 countries as co-partner and has a strong pipeline of development in the coming years.

For More Details:https://www.jugnoo.in