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Exceeding Business expectations by Automation

Business operations principally encounter two key challenges:

1) Unexpected Surprises

2) Repeated and manual processes.

Automate IT precisely addresses these challenges with a vision to provide top-end solutions for ‘Proactive’ and ‘Automated’ management of Business Processes and IT Operations. They employ a simple strategy:

  • Achieve business goals and compliance by “Simplify and Automate IT and Business
  • Assured ROI and Service Levels
  • Strategic global partnerships with Microsoft, Red Hat, VMWare, UI Path, Automation Anywhere and Trend Micro

For Unexpected Surprises, they supply proactive monitoring of production systems whereas, for Repeated and Manual procedures, they simply automate the processes for IT operations.

Automate IT provides:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Product as a Service (PaaS)
  • Automation as a Service (AaaS)
  • MS dynamics as a Service

  • Managed IT Services: This comprehensive service provides 24×7 monitoring, maintenance,
    proactive vulnerability, compliance and ‘Automation’ of On-prem / Cloud Applications and infrastructure. This helps in DE risking manual efforts, avoids unexpected downtimes or surprises, and lack of skilled resource availability.
  • Product as a Service (PaaS): Continuous license investments cost a fortune. Automate IT provides subscription licenses for all products which include Microsoft, Red Hat, UI path, Trend Micro. The licenses save 20% to 55% of the amount made in license investment by paying per user or device. PaaS enables clients to pay only for what they use with the capability to increase or decrease based on usage. Automate IT can help in migrating any existing licensing programs
    with their Product as a Service.
  • Automation as a Service (AaaS): Automate IT uses BOTs to automate HR, Finance and IT business processes after the client has chosen from UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Ansible or Customer Automation solutions. Clients only have to pay per BOT annually. Their automation is crafted to deliver financial benefits and increase savings. They use global standards for implementation of AaaS and provides 360-degree support.
  • MS Dynamics as a Service: Digital transformation with aid of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, 365 and CRM. Implementation of customized services. Automate IT again provides subscription which is pay per user, saving the investment cost of the clients.

Systems and operations are bound to crash or fail. Automate IT not only solves the failures and crashes but also goes that extra mile to ensure the failure never occurs overall again. They secure the services they provide and automate it from avoiding failures.

Their foundation is based on ‘Simply and Automate IT’. The core team Automate IT retains are all top-notched executives all around the globe and belonging to tech giants like Infosys, HP, Intel, NICE etc. The team possesses decades of experience under their command and is an expert in their craft. The team that leads the company from front owns more than 30 years of experience which brings best practices in the industry to the table and providing superior governance for innovation.

“Why to outsource when you can automate IT,” proudly says the company so that the clients can cut the “Outsourcing Cost” by their Automation Solutions and Services. They are a team of passionate tech perceptions about the trending technologies throughout the IT industry with Michael Martin at the helm.

He incorporated Automate IT when he saw traditional methods were persisting and eating up a time to change. With his zeal to be a game-changer and constant desire to think out-of-the-box led him to the path of entrepreneurship. An innovative and creative person with 30 years of leadership experience in Business and IT transformation. He leads with empathy and holds value for everyone working in the organization. Michael looks up to Elon Musk and draws inspiration. “Be humble and listen more to your stakeholders especially your clients. Appreciate and respect everyone,” says Michael.

Understanding Business challenges, Dynamics and growth is the biggest strength of the company. After comprehension of the key factors, they implement suitable automation throughout the business processes. The company’s working culture is open, collaborative and respectful. They are advisors and partners for their clients while their clients are undertaking any endeavor.

In the coming years, the company plans to move from traditional methods of services to qualitative and cost-effective model by automation.

They are headquartered in Oklahoma City, USA, and Bengaluru, India.