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Bringing Good Intentions to Life!

About Intengine

Intengine has the world’s most comprehensive and relevant database of responsible businesses for good and the largest database in the world of social and environmental accreditation organizations and business listings with their standards. Its directory listings include all industry sectors and also acts as an aggregator of in-depth knowledge. Intengine is perpetually expanding its database to deliver meaningful, multi-sourced information to users worldwide; and empowering them to educate themselves and make actual changes by providing them with all they need in one place.

Intengine also allows each company listed on its website to highlight their social and environmental commitments, as well as their Sustainable Development Goals, to show what actions they are taking to make a difference.

Conclusive Offerings

·      Business listings with a highlight on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals),

·      Accreditation Listings,

·      Advertising and sponsorship opportunities,

·      Articles and featured information.

Enthralling Genesis

Leadership is all about firm belief in a cause, having a vision and constantly be enchanted by the idea to make a change and thereby project an impact on the lives. It is a sacred responsibility.

Intengine’s Founder – Connie Linder, CEO, and Director of Intengine, working as a Stock Broker, observed how social and environmental factors were left out of the investment equation. Investments were made based on economic aspects, while the true costs of resources failed to appear in the discussions. That very fact vexed the founder of Intengine. The costs on the environment and the costs of not taking care of people never were incorporated into how companies were evaluated. She made a choice to shoulder the responsibility of bringing a change about and worked as a consultant for ten years as a business strategist and executive with a focus on implementing leading-edge technologies and processes. In the construction industry, she was inspired by the types of solutions that were emerging in environmental technologies. However, the general public was unaware of these changing technologies. The tone of the environmental movement ten and twenty years ago was (for the most part) anti-business, and most of the business community saw the environmental movement as “flaky” or full of impractical ideologies.

Connie founded Intengine to make socially and environmentally responsible products and services accessible to the consumers that value them.

A Stellar Entrepreneur

“We offer people that have spent the time to improve a product or a service to address the needs of the ecosystem and humanity, a place to speak about it. We give them a voice so that they can communicate and articulate things in a way that makes it searchable by the people who need their products and services” – Connie Linder.

It was Connie’s unparalleled intention for healthier ways of doing business that prompted her to become a bridge and a leader in the sustainability movement globally. She knew there was a need for an efficient, pro-business and pro-solutions platform that allowed people to make healthier informed decisions, and she recognized that the changes needed to be made within the marketplace.

Connie faces everything with a strong vision and the resilience to keep going despite challenges. She surrounds herself with people to fill the areas where she lacks in skills or insight. It keeps the vision big, meaningful and possible. Underlining the fact that entrepreneurs need to have vision, strength, patience, focus, and perseverance, Connie is a compassionate entrepreneur with a vision, the foundation of integrity, and an intention for outcomes that benefit people and the environment.

Hall of Fame

For her work, Connie has received numerous awards:

·      An award from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council,

·      The Tech Green Award (individual) from the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC,

·      The Women of Worth Sustainable Living Award,

·      A Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal,

·      The Minerva Leadership Award,

·      The BC Innovation Council’s New Ventures Award,

·      Named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women as a Trailblazer/Trendsetter,

·      RBC “Top New Supplier Award” as co-founder of Churchill Armoured Car.

New Horizon

Connie and her team are currently fine-tuning Intengine’s platform to improve functionality and visibility while working on forging strategic collaborations with content providers and accreditation agencies to grow and scale the business and maximize its effectiveness. Connie feels encouraged after seeing her vision come to life. She also comprehends that with progress comes challenges.

Intengine’s website has undergone several iterations, and the most recent was launched in July 2018. The year 2020 will bring exciting updates to connect sustainability-minded businesses to the consumers that are actively seeking them out. Also, Intengine is currently working on a news page.

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  • What I love the most about is its ability to shine hope when so many are using fear to influence change. Hope is much better, don’t you think?