Market Traders Institute – BS 10 Influential Business Leaders to Watch in 2020

Making dreams achievable

We often hear the phrase, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” But how often do we really work on it? The desire to carry on despite all odds, and venture into projects that were never thought of before, is truly rare and unique. This mantra of life is even more crucial for those in the field of education, as the very core of education is the desire to learn more and do more.

Market Traders Institute (MTI) is a unique provider of online trading software that personifies the spirit of this phrase. The online university specializes in conducting trading courses in stocks, options and Forex, and has also ventured into a cloud-based charting software that has proved beyond beneficial to students and traders alike. The ability of the institute to offer courses that make a difference in the real world is one of the main reasons why it stands out amongst its competitors.


MTI has etched itself as one of the best and has featured in several lists as one of the best places to work for in the US. Some of the awards and accolades received by the company include:

  • 2017 Orlando Sentinel Top 100 Companies
  • Best Companies to Work for in Florida, 2016 – Florida Trend
  • Rank 592 in the Inc. 5000 “Fastest Growing Companies in America” List, 2016, and many more.

Making a Difference

MTI offers holistic services that cater to all the needs of its students. Courses are developed by traders for traders, ensuring every student benefits in a unique and valuable way.

The services in education include the Ultimate Traders Package, consisting of nearly 100 hours of lessons mentored by company founder Jared Martinez. Several courses are offered, with the understanding that each student has different needs, and will require a customized educational experience. Students continue their learning journey with MTI’s team of expert analysts, who boast over 150 years of combined experience. EBooks are also available for students to carry on further reading. Additionally, each student is matched with a personal mentor and is encouraged to interact in an engaging community to help grasp Forex strategies.

MTI also offers a cloud-based software, SmartTrader, which creates subscription options for users and offers Forex, Crypto and stock market charting which can be accessed from any location.

Skilled Workforce

MTI consists of a team of more than 150 highly motivated employees, and benefits from a workflow that allows the team to work horizontally, rather than top-to-bottom. This empowers each employee to work smarter and faster by taking advantage of every aspect of his or her unique skillset. Employees are ready to take on any challenge, and are valued for playing a vital role in the lives of MTI’s students. The management cares deeply for each member, as without care and love, the organization wouldn’t persevere through challenges.

Creative Leadership

Jacob Martinez, the CEO of MTI is a born leader. His term in the US Army has made him appreciate hard work, appreciation and a winning attitude. He joined MTI in 2004 as Vice President of Managed Accounts, and through sheer hard work, was promoted to his current role. In the first few years of his leadership, Jacob’s initiatives increased education sales from $200,000 to $4 million a year. His sole focus remains on providing the best experience to students and maximizing their talents to change their lives, rather than on profits.

Under Jacob’s leadership, MTI has become an industry leader. He has rejuvenated the work culture at MTI with emphasis on 5 core values: being accountable, working together, living with urgency, emphasizing growth, and offering the best client experience. He has also developed a two-pronged objective at MTI: helping each student reach their full potential and streamlining the process to make it smarter and better.

Facing All Odds

A core belief that has brought success to Jacob’s venture is the idea that every adversity can be overcome. “Nothing lasts forever”, he states. This belief has ensured the institute is never content with its accomplishments, nor does it give up hope in the face of difficulty. Facing the recession in the late 2000’s was a major impediment. However, by introducing new revenue streams, the organization has increased its revenue to almost $50 million a year.

Love and concern for customers, employees, and products is also what sustains Jacob and his company. He is deeply invested in each process, values it, and offers it his best.

MTI strives to innovate and rediscover itself at every milestone, and with a winning culture, they are here to thrive.

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